A Brief for Configuration Dropshipman


  • Action and notify when product status/inventory/price changes.
  • Brief of orders and products by email.
  • Notify your customer if the order gets fulfilled or the tracking number gets updated.

Importing rules

  • Set products as published or taxable. 
  • Filter warehouse(ship from) options.

Price rules

  • Rules of price and compare at price. 
  • Apply new rules for existing products, and adjust product prices in batches.
  • Assign cents, e.g., if you want the cost of your product to be XX.99


  • Default order shipping methods for country/region. (For set up shipping methods/rates on your store)
  • Override phone number of orders.
  • Custom note to AliExpress. Note that if you have a customer note on the order, this note will be sent to AliExpress together. 
  • Save AliExpress order detail in your orders Note > Additional details. It wouldn't be seen by your customer and it could be found in the field "Note Attributes" in the exported CSV file.