How to change supplier

When AliExpress returns “System error”, in most cases the product is out of stock. Please follow the steps below to change a supplier.

Step 1 Find a new supplier

(If you already have an AliExpress product link, please skip this step.)

To find a supplier on AliExpresss, please go to AliExpress dropshipping center( > Find Products to Sell

Click "Search by image" and find similar products by uploading a product image.

For more details about AliExpress Dropshipping Center 

Of course, you can also find similar products through the product title on AliExpress.

Step 2 Please go to the product mapping page of the order

Step 3 Add a new supplier

Adding a mapping/bundle product is like adding a product via a link. Add a product group and these products can be mapped to your Shopify products. 

Step 4 Change a new supplier for variants

Step 5 Save the mapping and apply it for order waiting

Learn more about mapping