How to Place Orders on Dropshipman APP

Situation1:Products of orders come from Aliexpress

situation2:Products of orders come from Dropshipman


Situation 1

Reminder→ If you’ve sourced the products of the orders, you can jump to Step 3.

Step 1 

Products of orders come from Aliexpress

Click on Orders > All > To Order > Sourcing to send us inquiry,waiting for DSM quotation, then skip to Step 2

Or products of orders come from other apps

Click on Orders > All > Unknown > Sourcing to send us inquiry, waiting for DSM quotation, then skip to Step 3

Step 2

Refresh the orders by adding tags to them on Shopify store back-end > Orders > find the orders > More actions > Add tags, any tags will work, like Dropshipman.

Step 3

Back to Dropshipman back-end > Orders > All > To Order > Order product

Orders > Dropshipman > Payment

Situation 2

Products of orders come from Dropshipman

Click on Orders > Dropshipman > Payment