Step by Step guide of finding your dropshipping winning product in 2021

In the dropshipping world, finding the right product is everything. If you want to lower your cost and boost your total profit margin, you might want to pay attention to the following 5 product specifications and 4 product criteria.

What are the optimal specifications of a dropshipping product and why?

specification of products

Small and lightweight
straight forward (easy to understand functionality)
Target retail price ( > 20 USD)
Low Seasonality
No legal issues (licensed or patented product)


4 product criteria you should look for when search for a winning product? (Give example after explaining each product criteria)

High demand

First, there needs to be a high demand for your product. It will be way harder foryou to sell something to someone if you can’t make them feel like they need it. The best characteristic of a high-demand product is a product that is problem-solving. For example, a posture corrector, which is actually a huge winning product,corrects posture. Bad posture isn’t really a problem by itself, but, it causes a lot of other problems, like back pain and loss of mobility. You get the point, your product needs to fix a problem.

Low availability

If you try to sell something that can be found in any Walmart, nobody will buy it. It’s mainly due to the fact that people don’t know your store and that shipping from China usually takes a lot of time. Although it’s better if your product can’t be found on a marketplace like Amazon, it’s not as bad as if it could be found in a Walmart. If it can’t be found in a retail store it most likely has low availability.

Good profit margins

If This one is also really important. A product can check all the previous boxes but if it doesn’t have good profit margins, it’s not gonna be profitable. Making $100k of revenue isn’t worth it if you only make $1k of profit on it. Most of the time, if you can make 3x on your product, it should be good. But the rule doesn’t apply to all products. If your product costs $1, you should be able to sell it for at least $6. Anything below $5 of profit isn’t really worth it unless you’re able to increase your AOV (Average order value) with upsells. Another justification for selling products with less than $5 of profit would be to build a highly qualified mailing list and monetize it. That’s the only reason why the “Free + Shipping” method is useful.

Wow factors

If Next, your product needs to have some kind of “wow factor”. These days, it’s hard to grab people’s attention on social media. You need to find a really impressive product that the majority of people never saw before. Anything that is not common will do it. The first product with a “wow” factor that I can think of is the makeup bag. It’s a new product that not a lot of people have seen before and it’s pretty impressive.

Finding product ideas on Ecomhunt and Dropshipman

Dropshipping Ecomhunt

EcomHunt updates several products on a daily basis for users and which of course are specially handpicked by experts. The products updated include the following data: Profit, Analytics, Engagement, Links, Facebook Ads, Product Video, Facebook targeting, etc. Another interesting thing about Ecomhunt is, once you have links to stores selling these winning products already, you can also from there have access to other trending products or their best-selling products that you can add to your online store. With this, you are simply getting more than the intended value. This tool is one of the first websites I go to when I start my research. I sort my categories and start to browse and scroll until I find a product where I think can solve a problem.

Or you can use Dropshipman "Find product" feature to find your winning product. The product is selected by the dropshipman product search algorithm and filtered by our e-commerce experts. All the products are updated regularly to adapt to the rapid change of the dropshipping game.


Dropshipman_winning product searching

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Look at the trend using Google trend

What Is Google Trends?

Google Trends is a trend search feature that shows the popularity of a search term in Google. You can view whether a trend is on the rise or decline. You can also find demographic insights, related topics, and related queries to help you better understand the Google trend.

Constantly increasing search volume over last year


According to the search volume on Google, we can see a strong ongoing increasing graph over the last year which indicates an increasing search volume. This graph can reflect very well the general interests for the product-related search terms. The increasing graph indicates the product you searched for might be a high-potential product.

Check other Traffic platforms


AliExpress released their “Dropshipping Center” which has 3 useful tools for dropshippers. The “Hot DS Products” tab is a list of dropshipping products that are selling well. The suggestions are based on your AliExpress browsing history. There are over 250 pages of hot dropshipping products to browse from. I like sorting this by category to find hot products within niches that I’m already involved in. If you are already selling a niche and looking for trending products in that niche, you can basically sort by product categories and get a list of the best products.


Lastly, the dropshipping center has a “ProductAnalysis” tab which helps you gauge the sales trend for a certain product. This is very useful to see if you already missed the trend with a product. Simply add your Aliexpress product URL into the box in order to analyze the last sales that this product made. You will see pretty much a graph of the last 14 days of sales. Another thing you see under the product analytics tab is Logistics Reliability. It shows the seller's standard on shipping the item.


Look for supplier on Aliexpress 

There are two most important indicators to look for when searching for a supplier; "Free shipping" and “Good Reviews”. Not only dropshippers are buying from this page but also direct end-users. Once you picked your favorite supplier and product, you should definitely read through the reviews. Try to get familiar with the latest product issue and overall quality.

 Not only the rating is important but it also the number of reviews and orders. In this case, we can see 233 reviews and 1547 orders. Those are good numbers and for now trustworthy.

Aliexpress Dropshipping_2

One more thing you will need to pay attention to is Shipping. Usually, it is always a good idea to find a supplier with epacket, but due to the serious global health effects of COV-19. e-packet is one logistic method you will not want to get your hand with. Alternatively, use Aliexpress standard or use Dropshipman sourcing and fulfillment service which gives you a 7-15 days shipping time worldwide. What's more, Dropshipman will find you the source of the product with a lower product cost and better quality. Sounds unrealistic? Dropshispman has been helping dropshiper to scale business this way for years. Try it now for free.

Aliexpress Shipping

Key Takeaways

4 Product Criteria for a winning product

High Demand: Check If the product you searched actually solve some kind of real-life problem

Low Availability: Check if the product you searched can't be brought in Walmart or convenience stores.

Good Profit Margin: Check if you can make a good portion of money selling this product.

Wow Factor: Check whether the product grabs people's attention at the first sight, send it to your friend or family, and ask for their opinion.