What difference of customer form between Shopify and AliExpress

This may be the biggest cause of "Address has not been verified by AliExpress".

Settings and form 

In your store > Settings > Checkout, there is a "Form options" to choose whether your checkout form requires extra information from your customer.

shopify settings customer form options_dropshipping

 Then in the checkout page

shopify checkout page customer form_dropshipman

However, in AliExpress, the situation is a bit different:

aliexpress checkout new address page_dropshipman

So DropShipMan made some optimizations:

dropshipman customer form_dropshipman

Form details 

Name - This consists of first name and last name.

Phone number - If you haven't settings that Shipping address phone number is require for customer, please go to DropShipMan > Settings > Shipping, add a override phone number to place this order correctly. In AliExpress, a phone number is required to place an order. In addition, the phone number of AliExpress can only fill in numbers, hyphens "-" or slash "/".  So we have made some optimizations on your customer's phone number.

Country/Region, State/Province/Region, City - AliExpress uses a database for matching. We also use it to match shopify data. When the State/Province/Region of shopify is not required, this part will be replaced with other. But spelling errors may still cause “Address has not been verified by AliExpress”. 

ZIP/Postal code - Only numbers

Address - Street

Apartment, Unit, etc - apartment(optional)

CPFRecipient's CPF number is required for orders to Brazil. We can get this field directly from shopify, and it can also be modified here.