How to Add 1688 Products with Dropshipman Chrome Extension

You can use Dropshipman to dropship from 1688. We have developed a Chrome extension which can help you easily add 1688 products to Shopify with one click. This guide aims to help you understand how it works.

How to Add 1688 Products to Shopify with Dropshipman Step by Step?

Step 1:InstallDropshipman Shopify Appby going to the Shopify App Store. Click “Add app” to install the Dropshipman app.

Step 2:Install theDropshipman Chrome Extensionby clicking “Add to Chrome” and “Add extension” in the popup window.

Step 3:Go to to choose the product you want to add to your Shopify store.

Step 4:Click the purple “Add to My Products” button on a product page.

Step 5:Open the Dropshipman Shopify app, go to “Product List” — “Dropshipman”, and you will find the product.

Step 6:Edit the product information under four different tabs, including “Product,” “Description,” “Variants,” and “Media,” as you need.

Step 7:Click the green “Import product” button, and the product will be synced to your Shopify store in several seconds.

How Dropshipman Makes 1688 Dropshipping Easier

1. Auto-Translate into English

Dropshipman seamlessly integrates with Etranslate, enabling real-time neural machine translation into English. In this way, you don’t need to copy the Chinese characters and head over to Google Translate or an online dictionary repeatedly, which can save you a lot of time.

2. Avoid Copyright Infringement

Dropshipman has a built-in trademark database. While importing products, our system will generate an alert based on the keywords in the translated title and warn you that selling the product will likely result in copyright infringement. Therefore, to protect your business, our system will disallow you from importing such a product.

As for the product design or the trademark in the images, you need to check them carefully by yourself.

3. Fulfill Orders Worldwide

As we know, most 1688 suppliers only ship within mainland China. Once you import a product from 1688, Dropshipman will take care of the fulfillment of the related orders on your behalf, helping you deliver to customers worldwide with over 30 logistics carriers.

If you need to ensure fast shipping, you may place a wholesale order, and we will arrange the purchase. The associated products will be stored in our warehouse in China, and you can check the real-time inventory. As soon as you receive an order related to the product, our team will make sure to ship it on the same day.

4. Benefit from More Value-Added Services

By using Dropshipman to dropship from 1688, you can also enjoy our free quality inspection service. Moreover, if you aim to develop your own brand, you may take advantage of our labelling and custom packaging service.

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