The new version has been released! - Dropshipman

The new version has been released!

15 January, 2022

Hello world!

Our dropshipping app is launched on shopify Now!


The existing feature include:

Import products from AliExpress

As one of the partners of AliExpress, we synchronize product information by accessing the API of AliExpress. Only need the product link or product id, we can get the corresponding product information.


Edit product

Before importing products to shopify, Product can be edit in our app, including title/collections/tags/type/description.


Bulk edit variants

As easy as shopify for sellers to use, we have developed batch selection and modification variants.


Detailed delivery information

We displayed the cost and shipping cost on one page, and quickly calculated the expected revenue based on the price you set.


Import product images

As an important part of the product, pictures are also one of the key points. In addition to importing AliExpress product pictures, we also provide pictures in AliExpress product descriptions for selection


Synchronize shopify orders

We are glad that your business are well. Synchronizing your orders in real time is also one of our jobs.


1-click order to AliExpress

Is this laziness? No, other things are more important and worthy of your doing. Repeat like a machine let's finish.


Aliexpress Order tracking

Our work has not been completed yet, we will keep track of your express delivery.