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How to set up importing rules?

Settings > Importing rules

There is some rules of the product fields adding to Dropshipman and imported into Shopify.


Set new products as published

When you import products from the My Products list, chosen if they visible on your online store. (Click here for more details about Shopify Products) 


If you uncheck this option, on your product page, please mange sales channels and apps to activate the channels and apps you want to publish.

Bulk add available channel(s)


Set products as taxable

Specifies whether or not a tax is charged when the product variant is sold.  (Click here for more details about Shopify Taxes) 

On the variation edit page, you can modify whether the product is taxed.


 Bulk edit taxes:

Step 1: Open bulk edit variants

Step 2: Bulk change

Use the following shortcuts to navigate and edit properties in the bulk editor quickly:

  • Move between cells - Click to select a table cell, and then press an arrow key to move to the next editable cell in that direction.
  • Select multiple cells with your mouse - Hold the Alt key on a PC or the command key on a Mac and click different cells to select multiple cells. The cells that you select do not need to be adjacent to one another.
  • Select multiple adjacent cells with your mouse - Click to select a cell, then hold the shift key and click another cell in the same column to select that cell and all of the cells between it and the first cell.
  • Select multiple cells with your keyboard - Click to select a cell, and then hold the shift key and press the up or down arrow keys multiple times to select multiple cells in a line above or below the current cell.
  • Edit multiple cells - When you have selected multiple table cells, you can edit all of the selected cells at once. This works for typing text and numbers, clicking checkboxes, and using drop-down menus in the selected cells.


Filter warehouse

AliExpress has many warehouses, and there are “Ship from” options for these products to choose warehouse. So for adding these products: 

If there is an option "Ship from“, only the SKU(variants) ship from these warehouses you checked will be kept.

If there is no option "Ship from", or there is no warehouse you checked, all SKU(variants) will be kept.

Did we mention that it is free?

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