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Dropship branded products worldwide from China. No need to stockpile inventory and handle logistics. When you receive an order, we will customize it, pack it and ship it for you.

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How Our Branding Services Help Develop Your Brand Identity

Manufacturer selection
We help you select the best manufacturers to ensure the quality is worth every penny.
Design confirmation
Your personal agent will contact you and communicate your needs with the designers.
Production follow-up
We monitor the entire production progress and make sure to keep you informed of it.
Quality inspection
Having received the materials, we help check the quality, so you can have peace of mind.
Packing on demand
High-quality packaging leaves a good impression. We pack items as instructed to delight customers.
International shipping
Each time you get an order, we ship it from our warehouse to your customer directly.

Why Choose Dropshipman?

Choose a branding element, place an order and upload your logo with a few clicks.
Just sit back and relax, as we'll communicate with the printing company and follow up the production.
Our branding solutions require different MOQs. All materials are of high quality and offered at very reasonable prices.
Our staff will pack items along with custom gift cards, attach stickers in designated places, seal packages with your custom tape, etc.

Various Packaging Solutions for Your Branded Dropshipping Business

Gift Card
Tailored Service

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Branded Dropshipping FAQ

How long does the production take?

It usually takes 1 ~ 3 days to produce the materials you need. It takes another 3 ~ 5 days to get them delivered to our warehouse.

How can I place an order?

Log in to your Shopify store, and go to Dropshipman app. Select "Custom Packaging," choose what you need, set the size and quantity, click "Add to cart" and pay for the order. Go to "Settings" - "Sourcing" to upload your design.

How can I see the remaining packaging materials?

Go to "Private Storage" in the Dropshipman app, and you can check the inventory under the tab of "Packaging.

What packaging solutions do you provide?

Currently, you choose from the hangtag, gift card, tape, and sticker directly. If you need other packaging materials, please contact us.

Why Choose Dropshipman?

We offer one-stop dropshipping solution for beginners, ready-to-scale dropshippers, and ambitious entrepreneurs.


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