Inventory Storage Service at Your Disposal

Place a wholesale order from Dropshipman, and store products in our China warehouse for free. We will also take care of order fulfillment, getting orders delivered to your customers worldwide.

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What Do We Provide?

We are ready to check the product quality for you once the goods arrive at our warehouse. Should any defect is spotted, we'll inform you and resolve the problem in time.
Inventory Control
Be clear about what products you have and keep track of quantity in real time. Our system automates inventory updates and notifies you when inventory drops to a certain level.
Advanced Automation
We have built complete integration with Shopify to automatically update prices, inventory, tracking numbers, order statuses for you. Grow with no technical barrier in the way.
Apart from bundling products to save shipping costs, we also help you build your brand identity by packing products in the exact way you want to delight customers.
International Shipping
Up to 30 low-cost shipping methods are available for worldwide delivery. Pre-stock in our warehouse so we can arrange the shipment as soon as possible once you receive an order.
Order Management
It's a breeze to process orders with Dropshipman. Only one click is needed. You can also keep track of all your orders and have a clear view of their fulfillment statuses in one place.

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Inventory Storage FAQ

How much does the inventory storage service cost?

As long as you place a wholesale order (no MOQ limit) from Dropshipman, you are entitled to the free inventory storage service.

What products can be stored in your warehouse?

Nearly any product that you've purchased from Dropshipman. It's recommended to store products which can bring you a steady income stream in our warehouse. In this way, we can ship products as soon as possible once you receive orders.

How can I place a wholesale order?

Log in to the Dropshipman app, go to "Import List", and choose "Imported" products. To place a wholesale order, click "More actions," select "Wholesale," and add products to the cart. Go to "Orders" - "Dropshipman" and pay for your order.

How soon will the wholesale order arrive at Dropshipman's warehouse?

Generally, after payment, a wholesale order will arrive at our warehouse within 5 days.

How can I check the inventory of a certain product?

Log in to Dropshipman app, go to "Inventory," choose the tab of "Product" and you'll find the incoming and available inventory of all products related to your wholesale orders.

When and how much do I need to pay for the order fulfillment?

After you get an order, our system will check whether you have the product in stock. If so, you will only need to pay the order fulfillment fee. At Dropshipman, the order fulfillment fee is the shipping cost, which is associated with the weight, dimensions, and destination.

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