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Dropshipman provides you with 3 different options to extract product information with one click.

AliExpress URL/ Product ID
Our system auto-detects the URL or product ID of any AliExpress product, making it a breeze to import products.
Dropshipman Chrome Extension
Use Dropshipman Chrome extension to add products when you're looking for products on AliExpress.
Dropshipman Marketplace
Choose products from Dropshipman Marketplace by product category, order volume, and customer rating.
View product information & edit easily
The product information will appear in the product list in a few seconds. You are able to edit the product title, description, pricing, shipping method, images and so on as you like.
Push products to your Shopify store in a blink
Whether you add products one by one or select multiple products to import in bulk, the process will be completed immediately.

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One-Click Import Products FAQ

Is Dropshipman Chrome Extension free to use?

Yes, of course. Dropshipman is 100% free to use for every Shopify store owner.

Do I need Dropshipman Shopify app if I use the extension?

Yes, the product won't be directly published to your Shopify store, instead, the product information extracted by the extension will appear under "Sourcing" in the Dropshipman Shopify app, awaiting further processing. You’d better modify the title and description, add it to a collection, add tags, and get the price right.

What’s the difference between using the extension and app?

Dropshipman's Shopify app provides you with all functions we have, while the extension needs to be used together with it. When importing products, when browsing products on AliExpress with the Dropshipman Chrome extension, you can click on the purple button next to the "Add to Cart" button on each page to add products you need, which is more convenient. In comparison, if you use Dropshipman's Shopify app, you need to enter the AliExpress link or the product ID to extract the product information.

How can I set up a pricing rule?

After login, go to "Settings," choose "pricing rule" and you can set simple rules or advanced rules for the product price and compare at price separately. It's worth noticing that both addition and multiplication are supported. By defining advanced rules, you can specify the markup for different cost ranges, decide whether to take the shipping fee into account or not, and set the specific cent value for all final prices.

Can I set a default warehouse for products that I import?

Yes, of course. To do so, after you log in to Dropshipman Shopify app, go to "Settings," choose "importing rules", tick the box of “Keep the warehouse if there are different warehouses,” choose one option, for example, “United States / US” and save the settings.

Can I import without changing product information on AliExpress?

If you don’t make any changes to the product information, it will have an adverse effect on SEO. It’s recommended to incorporate keywords with high search volumes and low competition to create a unique title, and write a compelling description for your products.

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