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Why Quality Inspection?

Since customers are most concerned about product quality, quality inspection is dispensable no matter what products you're dropshipping from China. Without it, you put your dropshipping business at risk: you might receive products different from what you ordered, sell products that are damaged, defective, or of inferior quality that might ruin the reputation of your brand.
At Dropshipman, apart from the services that you're using, product inspection is one of our top priorities. We offer quality checks for all products purchased from Dropshipman to make sure all products shipped out are of high quality before they reach your customers' hands.

How Quality Inspection Works at Dropshipman

Step 1
Check basic information including the color, size, material, specs, etc.
Step 2
Test the functions to make sure the product works as expected.
Step 3
Measure dimensions & weight carefully to estimate the shipping cost.
Step 4
Pick the product according to the order information and pack it properly.

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Quality Inspection FAQ

How do you deal with defective products?

Such products will be returned to the supplier directly. Meanwhile, we'll buy products of better quality for you.

Can I send products purchased elsewhere for quality inspection?

Sorry, the service is in great demand, up till now, we only provide quality inspection to products purchased from Dropshipman.

What if I receive damaged products?

As for delicate products, we'll make sure to add protective packaging materials to prevent them from damage during long-distance transportation.
Should you receive a damaged product, you can request a full refund by sending us photos/videos of the damaged product.

Does Dropshipman has a quality inspection checklist?

Yes. Here’s the general checklist that our quality inspectors use:
  • Check the product package
  • Whether the product is defective or damaged
  • Size, color, material, etc. of the product
  • Whether the product can work properly
  • Whether user manuals and accessories are included

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