About Dropshipman

Dropshipman is an all-in-one dropshipping solution provider that offers the best all-in-one dropshipping solutions for you to take your eCommerce business off the ground and to the next level. Choose Dropshipman, you can easily sourcing the winning product niche and fully automate your dropshipping business, from importing products to fulfilling orders. Our personal agent and our 24/7 customer service team will be your best workmates in China, assisting you along the way.

Our Past

The story about Dropshipman

Started as a cross-border ecommerce seller

Broc Lau set up a cross-border e-commerce business in 2006. Eager to improve his website, he enrolled in a programming class instructed by Clooney Wong. They soon became close friends sharing the same interests.

It was in 2014 that they cooperated to develop e-commerce software to help sellers worldwide. They managed to attract 5W daily UV and successfully made their business in the top 10 in China in 2016.

When helping a customer, they often heard the cry of a baby. Later, they found that it was a Swiss woman trying to support her family by dropshipping products. That was when they realized what dropshipping meant to millions of individuals and families.

Trusted by 40,000+ dropshippers

Dropshipman was founded in 2020, with the goal to overcome the unpredictability of consumer demand and take full advantage of the supply chain resources in China through dropshipping automation. We are devoted to supporting the dreams of every dropshipper, striving to eliminate technical obstacles that prevent dropshippers from selling products and closing deals more efficiently.

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Our Present

Trusted by 40,000+ dropshippers

Our Future

Our mission and vision

Redefine the future eCommerce with our all-in-one dropshipping solution

At Dropshipman, we believe everything can be automated and simplified. Our mission
is to improve your efficiency as much as possible by using cutting-edge technology. We want our customers can do less but achieve more, having more time to enjoy what
they are passionate about in the real life.

Our goal is to be the leading all-in-one dropshipping solution provider for online retailers using ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, etc.

What makes us your best partner?

We strive to help you grow faster and bigger throughout your entire dropshipping journey, with all-in-one solutions.

Be Trustworthy

In essence, the success of any e-commerce business relies on quality products, fast shipping, and good customer support. We know this by heart, and therefore require ourselves to be 100% reliable as a dropshipping supplier. You can count on us to provide the best products and services.

Keep It Simple

As geeks who believe in the power of technology, we are passionate about building automation tools to make dropshipping easy for everyone. We never stop exploring and trying our best to develop the best solutions and a proven roadmap to success.

You Win, We Win

We care about your business more than you do. We measure the value we create by looking at how much we help our customers to grow their businesses. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs like you achieve business goals, reduce costs and increase profits.

Why Choose Dropshipman?

We offer one-stop dropshipping solution for beginners, ready-to-scale dropshippers, and ambitious entrepreneurs.

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Rocket Your Dropshipping Business with Dropshipman

We provide the best all-in-one dropshipping solution to help you start and scale your dropshipping business easily.

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