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Choose Dropshipman to add products to your online store in bulk.

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Fill your store with winning products instantly

Dropshipman provides you with 3 different options to extract product information with one click.

AliExpress URL/ Product ID

Our system auto-detects the URL or product ID of any AliExpress product, making it a breeze to import products.

Dropshipman Chrome Extension

Use Dropshipman Chrome extension to add products when you’re looking for products on AliExpress or 1688.

Dropshipman Marketplace

Choose products from Dropshipman Marketplace by product category, order volume, and customer rating.

View product information & edit easily

The product information will appear in the product list in a few seconds. You are able to edit the product title, description, pricing, shipping method, images and so on as you like.

Push products to your Shopify store in a blink

Whether you add products one by one or select multiple products to import in bulk, the process will be completed immediately.

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