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Main Features of Price & Inventory Sync

No tedious work of price and inventory monitoring. Dropshipman keeps track of prices & inventory at all times. If changes occur, our system will handle the updates in time.
Price & inventory sync is an effective way to protect your business, helping you avoid loss in case the cost increases and prevent selling products that are no longer available.
Easily optimize your prices to improve conversions. Apply dynamic pricing to various product cost ranges, set compare at prices, define the ending cents value, and more.

Dropshipman's Price & Inventory Sync Main Features

Price Tracking
Dropshipman monitors all pricing settings for every product and updates prices regularly, so you don't need to worry about sudden changes.
Inventory Tracking
Apart from auto inventory updates, you can set up the threshold when special attention is needed to cope with low inventory.
Dynamic Profit
Manage profit margins more efficiently through automated pricing – set markups for different cost ranges to keep prices in the right ranges.
Email Notification
Stay informed of the cost changes and inventory levels. You can specify the day, time, and situation you'd like to receive the notifications.
Compare at Price
Add pricing rules for compare at prices, so a % or $ off discount from the original price can be displayed to encourage purchases.
Round to XX Cents
Influence buyers psychologically by rounding prices with any odd cents values as you like, such as 99, 97, etc. to close more deals.

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Price & Inventory Sync FAQ

Do I need to enable inventory sync?

No, you won't need to do so, because Dropshipman will synchronize the inventory quantity truthfully.

How to enable dynamic pricing?

After login to Dropshipman app, go to "Settings" - "Notification" and find the section of "Auto update." Change the solution to the situation "When the cost changes" into "Update price and compare at price" or "Update price only" and "Save" the settings.

Does a free plan support price & inventory sync?

No. Contact us, and you can upgrade to an Advanced plan for free. By using an Advanced plan, prices and inventory of unlimited Dropshipman products and up to 500 AliExpress products can be automatically updated.

How can I define a pricing rule?

After login to Dropshipman app, go to "Settings" - "Pricing rules" and you can set simple rules or advanced rules for the product price and compare at price separately. It's worth noticing that both addition and multiplication are supported. By defining advanced rules, you can specify the markup for different cost ranges, decide whether to take the shipping fee into account or not, and set the specific cent value for all final prices.

How to make price updates work for a certain product or all products?

When you import a product, under the tab of "Variants," don't forget to tick the box "Automatically update price for this product when cost changes." In case you want to apply the up-to-date pricing rules to all products, go to "Settings" - "Pricing rules," click on the button "Apply for existing products" in the upper right corner.

Will I receive any notification if the cost/inventory has been changed?

Yes, to let Dropshipman's system notify you, you need to set up your email address, the specific day and time, and in what circumstances you'd like to receive the notification by going to "Settings" - "Notification."

If the original product cost is not in the currency I've set for my Shopify store, will the value be converted automatically?

Yes, the value will be automatically converted by Shopify. However, this won't affect the settings of pricing rules on your side.

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