Automate Order Status Updates & Facilitate Tracking

Let Dropshipman does the heavy lifting for you so that you won't need to spend hours on order management.

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Benefits of Dropshipman's Auto Order Status Updates

Higher Efficiency
It's a breeze to keep track of all orders, as well as the payment statuses and fulfillment statuses. Get your customers notified when their orders are shipped and fulfilled via email.
Customer Satisfaction
Alleviate delivery anxiety in the post-purchase experience by reassuring customers that they will get their order by the estimated delivery date through timely order status updates.
Relief to Customer Service
Your customer support team won't be overwhelmed with a lot of inquiries from customers who are eager to know the latest order statuses, so they can focus on more complex issues.

Auto Order Status Updates Main Features

Order Status Updates
Our system updates the statuses of all Dropshipman orders in real time. Updates of order statuses from AliExpress suppliers take place on a regular basis.
Fulfillment Status Updates
Dropshipman keeps you informed of the fulfillment. Have a clear view of the fulfillment status on both Dropshipman's order page and your store's order page.
Automatic Fulfillment
By setting up automatic payment, once you receive a Dropshipman order, it will be processed immediately, and the order status can be synced in real time.
Email Notification
Your customer will receive an email notification when his/her order is shipped or fulfilled, so your team's bandwidth won't be limited by a lot of related inquiries.

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Auto Order Status Updates FAQ

I'm currently using the Basic plan. Does it support order status updates?

Yes, it does. You may contact us to get a free upgrade if you want to benefit from more Dropshipman's features.

Where can I check the order status updates?

Since Dropshipman automatically updates the order status on Dropshipman order page and your Shopify store order page, you can do so on both pages.

How fast can an order status be synced to my Shopify store?

If you buy from Dropshipman, the synchronization takes place in real time. However, if you order from AliExpress, more time is needed. Currently, our server can sync all order statuses for every customer once a day.

Can my orders be automatically fulfilled by Dropshipman?

Yes, of course. To take advantage of automatic fulfillment, after you log in to the Dropshipman app, go to "Settings" - "Order payment" and tick both boxes in the Automatic payment section. Please make sure that the balance is sufficient for successful processing. In this way, once you need to pay for Dropshipman orders, the system will automatically process them for you, which means that your dropshipping business can run on autopilot.

How to get my customers notified when an order is shipped or fulfilled?

After you log in to the Dropshipman app, go to "Settings" - "Notification" and tick the box "Notify my customers" at the bottom of the page.

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