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Key tools for Dropshipping

One Click Import Products

Add products from AliExpress, Temu, and Dropshipman Marketplace to your store in seconds.

Order Automatic

Dropshipman is more than a tool to forward your orders to AliExpress. With automatic payment enabled, as soon as you receive an order, we’ll handle it immediately for you.

Price & Inventory Sync

With Dropshipman, you can set pricing rules, keep prices and inventory updated and receive email notifications to make necessary interventions in time to avoid selling at a loss.

Tracking Number Updates

Our system pulls tracking numbers regularly and uploads them to your store. You can view detailed tracking information in the Dropshipman app and set up notifications to inform customers.

Order Status Updates

Take charge of every order in one dashboard. The fulfillment and payment status will be synced truthfully. Your customers can be informed when orders are shipped and fulfilled.

Sending Sourcing Requests

You can tell us what you want directly, explore other sellers’ ideas, or let us find a good substitute to your existing product, we’ll fulfill your needs within budget.

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The app is helpful. I like the process of importing and improving store I use AliExpress for most products.

Thi Le

United States

I am new to dropshipman and was not sure what to do about editing an order. I used the app to do a size change on a order, and Angel was very helpful.


United Kingdom

I use the app to help me list items on aliexpress and also fulfill. Great app, customer service is also good.



This app is very helpful and helps me with finding the most popular items on the market to build my store.


United States

This app is taking my online store to the next level! I am able to Set up my product just how I need them for my store, very quickly. This is a great experience!


United States

The App is very easy to use and functional. I installed it recently and have just started using it on my store.



I used this app to help me source and fulfill products and I love it so much. The customer service is also super fast and friendly!



I used this app to transport or to import products to my shopify store, this app is really helpful in importing products to your store and the customer service are good



I love the app and its easy and simple to use. tried many i am really comfortable with the app and its team also amazing.



I used this app to help me source and fulfill products and I love it so much. The customer service is also super fast and friendly!


United States

I love this app. Very good app no slow actions just a solid app would recommend anytime glad I found it.



I used this app to help me to create a business. Dropshipping as well I was helped by a wonderful staff member to start my own business.


United States

Amazing App and Amazing customer service. I cant say enough on how good there team is from warehouse to agents that help you out with any question or concerns you may have.



I am excited about the AliExpress Dropshipping app and all of its features. I am easily able to source items for drop shipping making it easier for customers to patronize my business.



I’m a new user of this app so far it is a great app to use, customer service is 5-star, and I’m sure I won’t dissapointed.


United States

This company is amazing, always they have offered me best prices definitely ill recommend to those people want to start their Dropshipping business and they also offer good delivery time.



I love it. It is easy to use and they are very helpful when you need it. I am so glad I use this app.



This app provides really good items, I also really enjoy the customer service as they are very helpful and friendly and solve your any issues you face.



Great app for sourcing your products and getting competitive prices. Many good shipping options and very responsive and helpful customer support.