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Tailor-Made Sourcing Services for Various Businesses

An all-inclusive dropshipping solution, from product sourcing to delivery. Leverage the power of automation to lift the heavy workload.
A quick solution to diversify and expand into new markets. No need to carry inventory and arrange order fulfillment by yourselves.
DTC brands
The perfect solution to team up with the right suppliers and grow your brand globally without spending heavily on supply chain management.
Bulk purchase products at factory prices without being scammed. We partner with the best factories, conduct quality inspection and arrange shipments.

How Does Sourcing Work with Dropshipman?

Send a sourcing request
Tell us what products you're looking for, your budget and the destination country, so we'll get the best choice for you.
Get updates in sourcing list
Your request will be processed in 1 ~ 3 days for free. More time might be needed to meet your special needs.
Order a sample
If you're pleased with the result, you may add the product to the cart to double-check the product quality and delivery time.
Sell with confidence
Just focus on driving sales, as we'll make sure to ship products to wherever you want around the world as soon as possible.

How Does Sourcing Work with Dropshipman?

Risk-free to get started
Get good sourcing services for free. No scams or hidden costs. Join now and explore products wanted by tens of thousands of sellers just like you.
We source products in 100+ niches
Whatever niche you specialize in, we'll make sure to match you with the best supplier available and offer exactly what you requested in time, within budget.
Get better prices & quality
We add value by sourcing high-quality products at the most competitive prices to help you get more happy customers and have a prosperous business.
Improve your efficiency by 90%
Pass on the work to our professionals. You focus on driving sales and we see to the intricacies of the supply chain and logistics — purchasing, quality check, custom packaging, warehousing and shipping.

We Help You Source Better in the World's Manufacturing Superpower

Clear about the distribution of key manufacturing cities in China, we help you effectively narrow down the choices and find the best match.

Sourcing requests processed
Order processing capacity
Niche categories
Fulfillment accuracy rate

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Product Sourcing FAQ

What is product sourcing?

Product sourcing is a process in which a business owner finds a reliable supplier to source a certain product to sell at a higher price. Whether you sell online or run a brick-and-mortar store, product sourcing is key to your business.

Do I need a sourcing agent?

A professional sourcing agent can make a difference, especially if you have little experience in sourcing from China or eager to source a wide range of products from different suppliers.With a sourcing agent's assistance, you can take a hands-off approach while getting the work done in time and within your budget, because you can find trustworthy suppliers, settle on the best prices, overcome cultural and language barriers, increase efficiency and minimize risks throughout the entire process.

What services does Dropshipman provide?

Dropshipman provides product sourcing, custom packaging, private labeling, warehousing, and order fulfillment services throughout the entire process in sourcing from China.
We help new and fast-growing B2C, DTC, B2B businesses like yours to develop through supply chain optimization.

What products do you source?

We have great experience in sourcing low-cost products in a wide range of categories, including accessories, clothing, jewelry, sportswear, cosmetics, pet supplies, consumer electronics, toys, and so on. Please note that we don't help source perishables, infringing and counterfeit products.

How can Dropshipman help with my business?

By choosing Dropshipman, you'll get everything necessary to start and grow your business from scratch while saving time and money to stay ahead in the competition. We help you:

  • Streamline your business and reduce costs by handling the supply chain management, quality inspection and shipments;
  • Save time in inquiries, negotiation, and follow-ups as we take care of every step involved;
  • Boost brand identity through labeling and custom packaging to differentiate your offerings from your competitors.

How much do you charge?

We offer 100% free product sourcing service. You won't need to pay until you feel content with our offer and place an order. The product cost will include a minimum amount of service fee so as to hold us accountable for our service.


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