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Advanced product editing – Override

When the product variant of AliExpress changes or the product is unavailable, the product information is out of sync, but the pages in your store which have traffic need to be kept. Override is to solve this problem.

Where to override

After importing the product, in products’ more action.

Overriding products

For override product, you can choose whether to cover title, description and images.Fill in the product link you need to replace into the input box, and then click “Override”. This product will be in the not imported list, and you can cancel it in the ¡°Not imported¡± list before importing it into your store.

Override and import product

A new product will be added on the ¡°Not imported¡± list.All operations here are the same as normal editing.

Click ¡°Import product¡± to replace the existing product variants in Shopify with the variants of your choice.

Click ¡°Cancel¡± to cancel this override, and the product you intend to override will keep in the not imported list. If you need to override again, please delete this product from the not imported list.

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