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How does the Customized Packaging Process work on Dropshipman?

At dropshipman, we also offering custom packaging for users like you to brand your store. In this short article, the process will be explained in more detail.

How does it work?

Go to the custom packaging section:

There are 3 types of custom packaging available:

Card with logo (MOQ -500 Pieces )

Tape with Logo, (MOQ – 12 Rolls)

Logo sticker. (MOQ – 1000 Pieces )

Click on the “+ ” sign to create the order.

After you created an order you could contact customer support, and send us your logo. We start the job right away after receiving the SVG file of your logo. The custom packaging you ordered should be done in less than 5 business days.

In addition, you could send us an email about how would you want us to package your order. We will try our best to provide services that tailor to your need.

Everytime when you have an order come in, we will put the card with your logo or sticker on the product package. Once the amount of custom package run low, our customer service team will send you an notification.

Contact our customer support at: [email protected]


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