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For the products you have imported, we will regularly track their status on AliExpress. It includes changes in their price/stock/variant/product. These changes will be notified to you by “Notifications”.

As mentioned above, we have 4 types of notifications.The same status of each product will only show the latest change.

notifications status_dropshipman

Cost change -It is very normal for merchants to adjust prices.So when the price of AliExpress products changes, this state will be generated.

Inventory Change – When the product is sold, the inventory will decrease. But we do not remind you of all inventory changes, and the change from 9,999 to 9,998 does not make much sense to you or to us. This message will only be generated if the inventory is less than 100 changes. For example, from 999 to 20, or from 10 to 999. Of course, you can also configure a lower inventory in Settings > Notifications.

Variant Unavailable -The supplier has adjusted the variant.The original SKU is no longer valid. This may cause your order to not be placed normally.You can resynchronize the product through Mapping or Override.

Product Unavailable -or the product has expired. If the product has not been online for a long time, this may cause your order to not be placed normally.You can change a supplier through MappingorOverride.

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