How to setting default shipping method

Settings > Shipping

DropShipMan will selects the default shipping method according to your settings when placing orders in batches.


Personalized Shipping Methods

Base shipping methods

If the order shipped to the country you specify, DropShipMan will select the shipping method you configured according to the order you configured.

In this case, If there is a order shipped to United States, DropShipMan will verify that there is ePacket shipping method for the orders' sku. If ePacket is not valid, AliExpress Standard Shipping will be check.


Advanced shipping methods

This is another way to configure shipping. All eligible shipping methods will be filtered out, and the final selection is based on your configuration less cost or less shipping time.


Contact information

Override phone number

Shopify's stores allows customers to check out using email or phone number, phone is not a necessary. But for the order of AliExpress the phone number is required. In order for you to bulk place orders smoothly, it will be better if this part is fill.

settings shopify settings about customer registered_dropshipman

Custom note

After sending the order to AliExpress, DropShipMan attaches the message to the AliExpress seller or replaces the phone number receiving the order message.

This part of the content can be found on the order page of AliExpress.

In addition, customer notes will be synchronized to the order page together and sent to AliExpress together with the custom note above.