How to use Dropshipman's sourcing feature

Why us?

Dropshipman works with over 10,000 Ecom merchants which deliver over 1 million orders last year. Here is why choosing Dropshipman will scale your business to the next level:

1. High quality products with 50% lower product cost. 

2. Repackaging your product with 3-layer cart boxs. 

3. Pick and pack your product in one order to lower your shipping cost.

4. Fast and flexible shpping worldwide. 7-15 days to US and EU!

5. Purchase your product in bulk with free stocking service to lower your cost . 


Step by Step guide using dropshipman sourcing feature

Step 1 Sourcing a products.

There are 2 type for sourcing products.

1. For products already in your store.

2. For products from other places. Send us a request in Sourcing > Progress.

At the same time, you can track your sourcing progress on this page.


Step 2 Sourcing product success

We will generally confirm your product within 48 hours. Moreover, if you already have an order, we will speed up the progress.

After we confirm, the product will be in Sourcing> products. After you confirm the quotation, choose to link with your store's products or import products.

Step 3 Processing order

This step is almost the same as your processing of AliExpress orders. We classify products by store, and our products are classified as Dropshipman's stores. However, please note that only all the products in the order are processed by us before they are packed into one package.


Step 4 Pay for order

After you click to place an order, the corresponding order will appear in Orders> Dropshipman. We currently only support PayPal. If there are some AliExpress products in this Shopify's order, please don't forget to pay on AliExpress.

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