How to Connect CJ Dropshipping to TikTok Shop 2024

cj dropshipping tiktok

Thinking about digitally running a TikTok Shop? It’s somehow hard to get started, but CJ Dropshipping TikTok can be a way to start. Dropshipping allows you to make sales without the need to keep stock. After making your sale, CJ will do the rest, it acts as your supplier and stores, packs, and ships products to your customers.

What is CJ Dropshipping?

CJ Dropshipping is a well-known dropshipping company with a wide range of products on the market. You handle marketing and customer service while they handle storage, packaging, and delivery. What’s more, it has numerous international warehouses.

For TikTok dropshipping, AliExpress dropshipping model is also a choice worth considering. So, which one is more worthy of being a trusted supplier? Let’s read on!

How to Connect CJ Dropshipping to TikTok Shop

You are calling all US TikTok sellers! CJ dropshipping is now here to supercharge your business. Want to skip the warehouse hassle and focus on growing your audience? This guide shows you how to connect your TikTok Shop US to CJ Dropshipping and start listing products in minutes. Get ready to say goodbye to manual orders and hello to smooth selling!

Step 1: First, go to www.CJ On the left sidebar menu, you can find the option “Authorization.” Place the mouse cursor on it, and there you can find “Tiktok Shop US.” Now click “Tiktok Shop.”

connet cj dropshipping tiktok

Step 2: After selecting the “Tiktok Shop US” on the next page menu, select the “Add Store” option on the top.

tiktok cj dropshipping

Step 3: Now select “United States” from the next menu on the ‘Sellers Center’ page and click the ‘Next‘ button to continue.

tiktok shop cj dropshipping

Step 4: Now, complete the Authorization step, and you will find your added store with “Auto Sync Enabled ”.

connet cj dropshipping to tiktok

Step 5: In the next step, set up your “Warehouse Settings” and add your Warehouse address to CJ dropshipping. Now, you can ‘Sync Inventory ‘.

cj dropshipping tiktok shop
tiktok shop dropshipping

Step 6: Now open any random product on CJ, and you can select the “List ” button to add it to your Tiktok Shop US.

cj dropshipping list product

Step 7: Now, you have to select several options and customizations, give the product a title, add a category, specify the unit, and give a Selling price.

add cj dropshipping product

Step 8: Add Price Variants, custom designs, and catchy Descriptions to make the product more appealing.

cj dropshipping product

Step 9: After you click “List Now,” you can check the product on the left sidebar in the ‘Products->Listed’ section.

Step 10: If the product is available at your previously added “Tiktok US Shop”, you are all set to go.

cj product list

Step 11: Once your shop is live, you may start getting orders, too. Once the sales arrive, go to Orders> Store Orders> Sync Store Orders.

cj dropshipping store order

Step 12: The products you have Sync will be shown in the ‘Orders’ section after the sales.

cj order syn

Step 13: In the last step, “Pay” for the order and Sync the tracking number with CJ.

After reading how to connect TikTok shop and CJ dropshipping together, let’s take a look at the best CJ TIKTOK TRENDING PRODUCTS !

CJ Dropshipping Or AliExpress: Which One is Best for TikTok Shop?

When using dropshipping to power your TikTok Shop, CJ Dropshipping emerges as a strong player compared to AliExpress. It has some standout features, and below, we will discuss why CJ is better than AliExpress:

I. Operational Approach:

AliExpress functions as a platform where individual sellers worldwide can set up shop and cater to customers globally. While it offers competitive prices due to the majority of suppliers and products originating from China, it operates as a facilitator rather than directly handling fulfillment.

CJ Direct Sales

On the other hand, CJ dropshipping provides an integrated platform covering product sourcing, order processing, and shipping fulfillment. Essentially, it merges the functionalities of AliExpress and Oberlo, offering a one-stop service platform for dropshipping businesses aka CJ Direct Sales. From listing products to order processing, CJ dropshipping handles various aspects, including warehousing, photo/video shooting, and affiliate support.

Compared with AliExpress, CJ is professional in Dropshipping.

II. Product Variety:

AliExpress boasts an extensive catalog with over 250 million products listed, sourced from numerous sellers worldwide. It is very hard and time-consuming to find the winning products on AliExpress.

In contrast, CJ dropshipping offers a more curated selection of 390,000 products. This difference arises from AliExpress’s open marketplace model, allowing any seller to list products, while CJ dropshipping selectively releases products chosen by its team.

III. User Interface and Features:

AliExpress provides a straightforward platform for customers to browse and purchase products, similar to other e-commerce platforms like Amazon or eBay.

Conversely, CJ dropshipping’s interface is more complex, integrating functionalities from AliExpress and Oberlo while expanding upon them. Despite its complexity, CJ dropshipping offers tutorials and plans to simplify its interface for user convenience.

IV. Pricing Structure:

While both platforms do not charge setup or monthly fees, the pricing of products varies. Generally, products on CJ dropshipping tend to be priced lower compared to AliExpress. This discrepancy arises from CJ dropshipping’s direct operation model, reducing intermediary costs and allowing for more competitive pricing.

V. Shipping Considerations:

AliExpress often displays cheaper shipping costs, sometimes offering free shipping. However, these costs are typically included in the product prices. Secondly, some product delivery may take up to months to arrive which is a big drawback.

Conversely, CJ dropshipping may have higher shipping costs, but these are transparently separated from product prices. It usually takes up to 8-20 days for the products to arrive.

VI. Order Fulfillment Efficiency:

AliExpress orders may come from multiple suppliers, resulting in separate packages and varied delivery times. In contrast, CJ dropshipping consolidates orders into single packages, enhancing efficiency and improving the overall customer experience.

Another advantage of CJ over AliExpress is the option of customized packaging with orders which will be sometimes logos, images or any custom text. This can impress your loved ones when you are planning to gift them on any festival.

VII. Payment Options:

CJ dropshipping offers a standardized set of payment methods (8 common ones) covering more than 200 countries, including COD (Cash on Delivery).

cj dropshipping payment

In contrast, payment methods on AliExpress vary by seller, and some may not support essential methods like PayPal. Sometimes AliExpress also cancels your payment due to security reasons which can be a bit headache for new users.

aliexpress payment

VIII. Product Descriptions:

AliExpress excels in providing detailed product descriptions enriched by multiple sellers. CJ dropshipping, due to limited manpower, may have fewer enriched details but compensates by offering additional photo and video services upon request.

IX. Warehousing Facilities:

While most AliExpress sellers lack warehouses or have limited inventory, CJ dropshipping operates warehouses in multiple countries, enhancing inventory availability and distribution capabilities.

For example, the US Warehouse of CJ where customers can easily get a parcel within 2-5 days via USPS+ Shipping option.

The Verdict: CJ Dropshipping for a Thriving TikTok Shop

It is impossible to dismiss the benefits of using CJ Dropshipping over AliExpress. CJ Dropshipping has an extensive range of products, international warehouses, and excellent quality checks. Thus, faster shipping, better quality control, seamless integration, and branding options contribute to a successful drop shipping experience. By partnering with CJ Dropshipping, you will have the tools to benefit from TikTok’s influence and convert your viral moments into loyal clients.

TOP 5 CJ TikTok Trending Products:

Below are five CJ Dropshipping products that have been featured on many TikTok Shops, appeared in hundreds of videos, and generated thousands of sales:

Wireless Phone Chargers:

These chargers have become very popular since they can be used with different smartphone models and are easily portable. With such chargers, you no longer have to deal with tangled cords. Therefore, they look sleek and charge fast, even though their proven track record shows that there is a massive demand for these devices, thus making them a good option for dropshipping on TikTok.

wireless phone chargers

Resistance Bands Set:

These bands work across various fitness levels as they can be used by anyone from beginners to professionals. Any person can, therefore, carry them around for workouts anywhere or anytime, whether it is strength training or yoga sessions. Resistance bands have already had proven success in the fitness niche, which means that through TikTok Ads, it would be easy for sellers targeting health-conscious customers to ship this product.

resistance bands set

Pet Grooming Gloves:

Grooming gloves are an easy way to groom your dog stress-free while removing dirt and loose hair. These gloves consist of soft silicone bristles that create the feeling of petting. An individual may earn up to $10,000 from selling them since they appear many times at TikTok Shops, where multiple sellers succeed in selling them.

pet grooming gloves

Hair Removal Tools:

Electric razors or epilators are painless hair removal tools and remain the most preferred, especially in the context of DIY at-home beauty treatments that are on the rise. Look out for good reviews and characteristics that go well with different hair types. These products are also popular on many TikTok Shop videos.

Lashes & Lash Application Tools

Dramatic lashes are currently one of the biggest trends in beauty, but many people wrestle with applying them correctly. Instead, search for some high-quality eyelashes that come along with user-friendly applicators so make-up lovers achieve their ideal looks. Accordingly, past CJ dropshipping has seen a lot of purchases, as well as TikTok tutorials showing great lash looks and application techniques.

lashes lash application tools

These are just a few examples, and the best-selling products on Tiktok Shops constantly change depending on seasonality and emerging trends. It’s important to stay up-to-date on what’s trending on TikTok and leverage CJ Dropshipping’s sales data to identify products with a strong track record on both platforms.


CJ Dropshipping has become a choice worth considering for TikTok dropshipping shop sellers. At present, TikTok shop is developing rapidly and have great potential. Seize the opportunity and choose the right supplier, and you will succeed!

FAQs about CJ Dropshipping TikTok

1. Can you use CJ Dropshipping for TikTok Shop?

Absolutely! CJ Dropshipping offers seamless integration with TikTok Shop.

2. How do I connect my CJ Dropshipping account to TikTok Shop?

CJ Dropshipping’s website provides a clear guide outlining the steps to connect your accounts. This typically involves authorizing your TikTok Shop within CJ Dropshipping.

3. Can I list products from CJ Dropshipping on my TikTok Shop?

CJ Dropshipping offers a user-friendly interface for listing products. You can easily list them on your Tiktok Shop.

4. How long does it take for orders to be fulfilled through CJ Dropshipping on TikTok?

The fulfillment time can vary depending on product availability, shipping method, and destination.

5. Are there any fees associated with using CJ Dropshipping for TikTok?

CJ Dropshipping operates on a commission-based model, meaning you only pay for the products once they are sold. 

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