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Dropshipman Vs Spocket: Detailed Analysis

It is a basic fact that for you to succeed in the dropshipping field, you need a reliable supplier. The quality and credibility of your supplier will not only enhance your profit margin but also helps you stay away from occasional regrets I wish I knew depressive comments which are always common to those who made wrong choices.

Actually, both Dropshipman and Spocket are popular dropshipping apps on the market. They have the prowess to link you to various qualified suppliers and save you valuable effort and time.

But to be on the safer side, which is worth the two?

What is a Dropshipman?

Dropshipman is a professional dropshipping application that makes it possible for you to import products from AliExpress to the Shopify store, and automate your order fulfillment with 7-15 days of shipping. It is engineered to scale your business to resounding heights.

What is Spocket?

It is a dropshipping app available on various e-commerce platforms, such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Wix, Square Space, Ecwid, and Square online.

Features of Dropshipman

1. Sourcing of high-quality products

Dropshipman offers you a full mandate to source any product in your store and finds suitable suppliers. On the flip side of it, you are assured of better product quality at low product cost.

2. Permits bulk import of products

It auto-tracks and synchronizes prices and inventory from AliExpress. It then imports multiple products at once to your Shopify store.

3. Provides automated fulfillment

Ensures in-depth quality check and then offers 7-15 days Shipping to US and EU, not to mention that it auto tracks number upload.

4. Its Lucrative shipping services

To meet your fast delivery shipping requirement, Dropshipman deals with reputable logistics and parcel delivery solutions companies such as 4PX, Yunexpress, and Yanwen. The special lines from these three couriers mainly ship from China to US and EU. They take 7-15 days for delivery and are way faster and more stable than the ePacket standard.

5. Label and packaging

They provide the label and packing to help the Shopify sellers amazingly brand their stores.

6. Quality inspection services

This is one of the prominent advantages of Dropshipman. It affects your customer experience greatly and lowers your return rate with them and as such, you are assured of gaining more profits with your products.

Pros and Cons of Dropshipman


  • Allows bulk importation of products on categories, stores, wish list, and search page on AliExpress.
  • It filters your AliExpress products by your warehouse location, shipping method, shipping fee, and product price. There is no need for you to place orders.
  • It helps in importing and editing your products. All you are required to do is find a product on AliExpress and with just a few clicks, your winning product will be safely imported to your store. Make sure you customize your product¡¯s title, description, variants, and pictures. Variants can then be selected and modified in batches.
  • It also ensures advanced product editing. This is done through splitting for more page overrides for product lost sync, mapping for change supplier, and creation of a bundle.
  • Dropshipman also sets price editors and rules. Setting a product rule might be quite challenging, especially for dropshipping beginners. However, with Dropshipman, you are aided in setting a price rule that suits your brand and your customers. It also helps you in reprising to make your products win more. Finally, Dropshipman helps you to adjust your price by updating your price rules and applying them to existing products in a few clicks. For more information about this, go through how to set price rules with Dropshipman.
  • Dropshipman also gives you access to order products in bulk at AliExpress without limit. It makes it easy to manage your orders and set your default shipping method to bulk place orders. For dropshippers in Brazil, the CPF number will be received automatically and it can be modified before shipment.
  • Dropshipman also makes it possible for your frequent product information updates to be auto-synced and then the product status updated. You are only required to spend your time promoting your product and leave the rest of them.
  • Dropshipman also ensures smooth order processing of your products. It automatically captures the tracking number and then synchronizes it with your Shopify orders.
  • As all those are not enough, it supports the migration of Shopify business from Orbelo to Dropshipman, and in that case, It has the same function as DSers.


  • Dropshipman is unable to manage multiple stores.
  • It only has the integration of Shopify yet its competitors cover other e-commerce platforms.
  • They currently are not providing print-on-demand services. However, they have a plan to soon have it in place.

Spocket Features

1. They have suppliers from around the world

As I had already said earlier, Dropshipman only permits you to Dropship from AliExpress, Spocket will give you access to suppliers globally. You will be able to find suppliers from China, the USA, and Europe on this single platform. So, in case your preference is to sell products made in America or simply just want a supplier whose shipping times are quicker, you will be able to choose a supplier from your region of choice. Luckily enough, you can as well still find millions of products from AliExpress if you are looking for an affordable product. So if you are looking for something to sell anywhere, you find it on Spocket.

2. Premium Products

In the Spocket back-end, you will be able to select ¡°Premium¡± products. By selecting the premium icon, you will find all the best-selling products right away. You have the freedom to make a choice of any of these products for your online store. What that does implies? You are at liberty to quickly sell trending products without tedious upfront work.

3. Fast shipping

Spocket has great first shipping rates, especially in areas within US and EU as you will readily find their local suppliers. Besides, you will exclusively enjoy the existence of many popular products with fast shipping speeds.

4. Inclusion of hard-to-source products

With Spocket, you are assured of finding organic beauty products, food and drink products, and other items that require more care to make.

5. Permits you to add your own Branding

The majority of suppliers on Spocket allow you to add a packing slip with product details and your logo. Dropshippers looking forward to creating a positive impression and in turn building brand awareness will appreciate the ability to add a personalized packing slip with packing orders. Spocket makes it available for those dropshippers in US and EU unless stated otherwise.

Pros and Cons of Spocket


  • Very flexible on where products are sourced from.
  • Available on multiple popular e-commerce platforms, including, but not limited to; Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, and Wix.
  • Has an enhanced user interface with options for premium products and more.
  • Many products are available in hard-to-source niches.
  • There is the availability of branded invoicing.
  • Most of Its processes are automated.
  • Makes it easy to photos, edit copies, and change collections.
  • Availability of pricing tools.
  • Fast shipping times are available.


  • Its premium plans require a higher price plan.
  • Its customer services are unresponsive at times.
  • Its shipping can be long. This is because it ships its products directly from manufacturers. Therefore, expect your shipping products to take several weeks before arriving.
  • Unfortunately, Spocket isn¡¯t available in most countries. Currently, it majorly operates in Europe and North America. So if you live in other parts of the world, you won¡¯t be able to use Spocket.
  • It has no customized packaging.
  • Its best products are behind a paywall.
  • It has absolutely no free plan and as such, it is more expensive than its competitors.

Comparison between Dropshipman and Spocket in terms of:

1. Pricing

To start a dropshipping with Spocket, you will need up to anywhere from $24. 99 to $99. 99 per month according to Spocket’s pricing plan. With Dropshipman however, you are provided with 14 days absolutely free trial. Besides, the shipping costs for beginners range between Zero to/and a maximum of below $5.

You can therefore make your own conclusion that Dropshipman has an edge over Spocket in the pricing and more so for dropshipping beginners.

2. Customized Packaging

Dropshipman offers customized store-specific Packaging to help you create your own brand. Besides, before you import your products, Dropshipman makes it possible for you to customize your product¡¯s title, description, variants, and pictures. For detailed information, log into DSM – AliExpress Dropshipping. Spocket on the other hand doesn¡¯t offer customized Packaging. According to Spocket reviews 2022 under its cons, it has no customized packaging. This has indeed made it a trickier app to use especially for beginners.

3. Available in most Countries

It is always good to give credit where it deserves. Spocket enjoys integration with many suppliers, most of which are in the US, EU, and Europe. However, it is equally good to admit that it in most cases only serves dropshippers within these regions. As such, we will equally admit that its supplies are restricted to only specific dropshippers found within the stated regions. It thus doesn¡¯t support global dropshipping as elaborated in Spocket reviews (May 2022). Dropshipman on the other hand only gets its products from AliExpress and its own production. Nevertheless, it supplies its products to all parts of the world. Dive into 2022 Dropshipman best-selling products to get the full details of how Dropshipman operates.

4. Customer Service provider

Every business succeeds better if customer service providers are friendly and responsive. Fortunately, according to Spocket¡¯s app reviews except for one, most customers have given credit to Spocket¡¯s responsive customers. Pertaining to the Dropshipman¡¯s side, they have been applauded by their customers in their app reviews as having responsive and friendly customers.

5. Product availability and quality

Being the fact that Spocket integrates with many dropshipping online business platforms and also relies on many suppliers across Europe, the US, and EU countries its customer reviews ought to have appreciated the fact that they are enjoying a massive existence of quality products to choose from. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of customers in their reviews, who have cited the lack of enough products as being a challenge. Have a look at the following Spocket con reviews. As pertaining to Dropshipman, enjoys millions of products to choose from. Besides, their customers have heavily affirmed this in Its app reviews.

6. E-commerce dropshipping platforms.

Fortunately for Spocket, it enjoys a massive number of e-commerce integration. They include but are not limited to Woocommerce, Bigcommerce, Wix, eBay, and Shopify. Dropshipman on the other hand only integrates with the Shopify e-commerce platform.

My final Verdict about Dropshipman Vs Spocket

According to my carefully considered ultimate tally, Dropshipman is the clear winner. Not only is Dropshipman the most preferred by various dropshippers based on their different reviews, but it also has abundant features, which are richer in terms of offering effective services to their customers. You can also tell that Dropshipman is more friendly to the new dropshippers who are just making their way to the dropshipping market. This has been evident in the sense that it offers its products at relatively low cost. Although Spocket has taken a little credit in that it enjoys products from different Suppliers as well as having different platforms, Its products have been considered limited by some of its customers based on Its app reviews.

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