20 Top Dropshipping Clothing Suppliers (2023)

The clothing industry continues to grow with each passing year. Many brands, including those run by aspiring fashion entrepreneurs, have contributed to this trend. With the demand for high-quality and unique clothes expected to remain strong, why not start your clothing dropshipping business?
Dropshipping clothes is easier than launching a traditional online clothing brand. However, you have to find reliable suppliers you can trust to arrange and deliver products to your customers.
Fortunately, the internet has made connecting with potential suppliers worldwide easier without asking boutiques for referrals or attending trade shows nationwide.
In this article, I will list the 20 best dropshipping clothing suppliers you can use to source your products. Plus, I will share reasons why each supplier should be chosen, the drawbacks of working with them, where they are located, and more.


What is a Clothing Dropshipping Business?

Clothing dropshipping (aka. fashion dropshipping) involves selling clothes via suppliers that manage inventory and shipping. It comes with very little overhead since you only take orders and send the details to the dropshipping supplier. The supplier handles the fulfillment on your behalf.
What’s in it for the clothing dropshipping supplier? They take a 10-20% sale cut as a fee for their service.

20 Clothing Suppliers to Consider for Your Dropshipping Business

1. AliExpress

Location: China

Niche: clothes in every category


AliExpress is one of the best clothing dropshipping suppliers around. There are thousands of manufacturers on its platform, including those that offer private labeling. The company also runs regular flash deals on jeans, tank tops, swimsuits, and other clothing.

AliExpress ships to over 200 destinations, so you shouldn’t have problems receiving products in your country. Plus, it has an easy refunds and returns policyyou’ll have peace of mind knowing you’ll get your money back if the supplier ships the wrong order or size.


  • AliExpress sells clothing on both wholesale and retail basis
  • Many clothing suppliers speak good English
  • Suppliers have warehouses in the US, Europe, the UK, and Russia


  • Customer support isn’t the best
  • Shipping times to Western countries can be long
  • It can be time-consuming to identify niche suppliers

How to connect AliExpess to your store?

You can use an app like DSers to connect AliExpress to your to your Shopify store and start selling.

Price: AliExpress is free to use.

2. Dropshipman

Location: China

Niche: high-quality clothing and accessories


If you’re looking for a one-stop dropshipping clothing supplier with no minimum order quantity, Dropshipman is your best bet. With over 40 million orders fulfilled, it’s one of the most reliable vendors for high-quality apparel. You’ll find a variety of styles and outfits across the men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing categories on its site.

Dropshipman also has low-priced shipping. You can choose from over 30 affordable shipping methods and have your products delivered in 7-15 days. The supplier offers shipping to most parts of the world.


  • Efficient order fulfillment with logistics tracking service
  • 24/7 customer service and personal agent
  • Free for finding and importing products
  • One-click batch ordering and real-time status tracking


  • Shipping time to certain areas can be long due to customs

How to connect Dropshipman to your Shopify store

You can use the Dropshipman Shopify app to get started with clothing dropshipping.

Price: Free

3. DHgate

Location: China

Niche: All categories, costumes, and sewing supplies


DHgate has something for everyone when it comes to clothing dropshipping. Their range of options is wide and varied, providing costume pieces and ideas that will surely be a hit.
DHgate also offers frequent flash deals, shopper coupons, and a reliable buyer’s protection program, giving you and your customers peace of mind. They have you covered if you’re looking to supply the latest fashions or the best materials. That said, you’ll want to evaluate sellers by looking at their transaction history, feedback score, and pricing.
Some transaction history means the seller has been trading for DHgate for a while. A positive feedback score implies customers have been fairly satisfied with the goods they’ve purchased from the seller. As for pricing, ensure it’s not too low as that could be a sign that the merchant is selling fraudlent or counterfeited goods.


  • 3-day shipping to US customers
  • Buyer protection
  • Great range of products and materials


  • Not the cheapest option
  • Product quality can be difficult to control

How to connect DHgate to your store?

Use the the Importify app to clothing from DHgate to your store.

Price: Free (and introductory coupons and discounts given)

4. Banggood

Location: China and the US

Niche: Fashion and accessories


Banggood’s range of high-quality fashion goods and accessories are each rigorously tested before being put on sale. Banggood has a catalog of over 250,000 items and operates out of multiple warehouses in China and the US. They also offer great flash deals, discounts, and cashback for their VIP customers, earned through sales.


  • Tested high-quality goods
  • Wide range of products and shipping locations
  • Tiered memberships with benefits for dedicated customers


  • Known issues with tracking numbers
  • Occasional issues with Chinese-to-American clothing size differences

How to connect Banggood to your Shopify store?

Connect Banggood through the DSM tool to automatically update and compare your chosen products with other stores.

Price: Free, with points earned per sale that add to your VIP status.


Location: China

Niche: Private label and general clothing


EPROLO’s business is helping you build your brand. They are a branding company that sources your desired fashion products and dropships them for you after applying your unique branding. They also offer Print on Demand services so that you can create and upload your designs and styles. They do all of this with their two-tier membership program, which offers:

  • Junior Membership applies custom labels, hangtags, and packing bags with your branding
  • Senior Membership all the above, as well as custom-branded gift cards and custom scotch tape for every order


  • Individuality for all your products
  • Builds your brand and brand loyalty
  • Allows you to create your style without tracking down individual products


  • Requires your input to build brand awareness
  • Creating a brand costs time and money

How to connect EPROLO to your Shopify store

Create your branding and connect it to your Shopify store using the EPROLO app


  • Junior Membership – $19.90 for lifetime membership
  • Senior Membership – $99 per year

6. Nordstrom

Location: Canada and the US

Niche: men’s, women’s, and children’s fashion


Nordstrom is the perfect choice for anyone looking to provide great designer products at affordable prices. Nordstrom is common in stores across the US and Canada, with over 300 department and outlet stores. Well-known for their great prices and high-quality products, they offer products from popular brands such as Givenchy, Prada, and Gucci.


  • Great range of own-brand and popular brand fashion goods
  • Up to 60% discount for well-known brand products
  • Ships from the US


  • The minimum order processing time is seven days
  • Shipping costs vary

How to connect Nordstrom to your Shopify store

Connects with Shopfy via the Dsco platform. Additional sign up necessary, but no additional fees.

Price: Free

7. Buy2Bee

Location: Italy and US

Niche: Luxury fashion brands


Operating out of Europe and the US, they provide many great offers for brands such as Hugo Boss, Georgio Armani, and Dolce & Gabbana. The supplier offers shipping at a flat rate of 9.90 with a 36-day delivery time and a 4-7-day processing time. Plus, there’s no minimum order quantity, and it is free to set up an account!


  • Great range of 100% authentic luxury brand products
  • Fixed shipping cost, no matter the order size
  • Operates out of both the US and Europe


  • Somewhat limited catalog
  • Only luxury brands

How to connect Buy2Bee to your Shopify store

Requires a CSV file from the company that will incorporate their store into yours.

Price: Free

8. Trendsi

Location: US

Niche: Women’s fashion


Trendsi is touted as being a fantastic starting point for anyone looking to get into clothing dropshipping. Their stock is limited to low-price brands, with few entries in well-known or luxury brands. They also focus solely on women’s clothing, but their ranges are well-loved and popular. Their services are free, with no monthly account costs, and affordable products.


  • Wide and affordable range of fashion products
  • Popular and reliable products and services
  • A great place to start with fashion dropshipping


  • Women’s-only clothing catalog

How to connect Trendsi to your Shopify store

Use the Trendsi app from Shopify’s app list to get your store set up with them.

Price: Free

9. KakaClo

Location: China

Niche: All fashion types


Although operating from China, KakaClo offers a range of shipping locations, including England, Germany, and the USA. Their range is varied and classy, including a wide selection of beautiful maternity wear.

They also offer print on demand and packaging on demand services so that you can integrate your branding. Their popular clothing is determined based on Instagram trends, allowing you to be the best source for all the most popular fashions. And best of all: it’s completely free!


  • Ever-growing catalog of products sourced globally
  • Multiple dispatch location options
  • Custom packaging and branding options


  • Basic help center setup has occasionally been noted as unreliable

How to connect KakaClo to your Shopify store

KakaClo has its app in the Shopify store for easy integration.

Price: Free


Location: China

Niche: Women’s fashion

dropshipping-clothing-suppliers-10-dropship-clothes’s whole purpose is worn brightly on its sleeve. It is a great source of women’s fashion that focuses hard and fast on seasonal trends. Every product is divided according to its seasonal relevance, and it is easy to find exactly what may be popular at any given moment. As a source of fashion, it couldn’t be easier to start a new dropshipping business.


  • Organized a range of seasonal fashions
  • Global shipping


  • Exclusively sells women’s fashion

How to connect to your Shopify store

Contact the company for more information

Price: Free

11. BrandsGateway

Location: Estonia and US

Niche: luxury and well-known brands


Based in Estonia, BrandsGateway has spread worldwide and now operates in Europe and the US for easy global distribution. Their catalog includes favorites such as Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Versace, and Michael Kors.

They offer a flat shipping rate on all orders, no matter the destination, and promise a 24-hour dispatch time. Delivery times are noted as three days within the EU and 5 to 7 days for international orders.


  • Luxury brand products at great prices
  • Fast dispatch and delivery times
  • Flat shipping cost


  • Not ideal for people just starting in clothing dropshipping
  • High subscription charges

How to connect BrandsGateway to your Shopify store

Use the BrandsGateway Shopify app for simple catalog integration.


  • $314 monthly billing
  • $150 per month ($1806 annually) annual billing

12. BrandsDistribution

Location: Italy

Niche: Popular and luxury brands


Another great option for providing a catalog of brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Gucci, and Prada. Unlike number 9 on our list, BrandsDistribution is a much cheaper option with next-day delivery. However, it does require a VAT registration number to create an account.

You can find all types of clothing on BrandsDistribution, from the latest women’s outfits to designer clothing for kids of all ages. Navigate the website to see what’s on offer and dropship trendy clothing to earn sales.


  • Next day delivery
  • Great range of products for everyone


  • Requires a VAT registration number
  • Has monthly or annual billing

How to connect BrandsDistribution to your Shopify store

Download the Brandsync app to use BrandDistribution on Shopify


  • Monthly billing – 99
  • Annual billing – 990

13. Griffati

Location: Italy

Niche: Luxury brand fashion products


Griffati offer over 20,000 products from more than 200 popular brands at reasonable prices. Through them, you can buy brands such as Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, and Burberry and have them shipped worldwide within 48 hours. They also guaranteed delivery within 2 to 4 days to keep them on top of the dropshipping list.

You can launch an online boutique with Griffati’s inventory. Since you would be able to dropship branded clothing, it’s a good opportunity to target brand-conscious consumers while keeping a good margin for yourself.


  • Great brands at great prices
  • Fast dispatch and delivery times worldwide
  • Free accounts and site usage


  • Requires a VAT registration code to create an account
  • Each order must be a minimum of 500 euros

How to connect Graffati to your Shopify store

Requires file-integration services to connect with Shopify

Price: Free

14. Printful

Location: US

Niche: Custom-branded apparel


As a popular option for custom-branded clothing, Printiful has a wide range of customizable clothing options. Printful products can be customized with your branding or designs, from shirts and hoodies to dresses and pants. They are a great option for any affordable clothing business and will ship worldwide.

You can sell private label custom clothing through this service. This is when you sell products under your own brand. Make sure to come up with a unique design as clothing is a highly competitive field.


  • Fully customizable range
  • High-quality, affordable products
  • No upfront costs


  • Some items can’t be shipped everywhere

How to connect Printful to your Shopify store

The Printful Shopify app allows you to fully leverage its offerings on your online storefront

Price: Free, with a percentage taken from orders made

15. Printify

Location: US

Niche: Print on demand men’s and women’s fashion


A leader in POD services, Printify offers a wide range of high-quality products at great prices. Everything is sourced to provide the best for self-designed or branded clothing, from everyday clothing to simple fashion items.

Printify’s subscription service is free for a limited time before upgrading to a paid one, but this keeps you connected with their excellent customer service teams. P.S. Printify is a good option for private labelingyou can put your brand’s logo on the clothes and sell them through your storefront.


  • Popular POD service across the globe, operating out of the USA
  • Great for building your brand
  • Wide selection of clothing for everyone


  • Requires your work to create your brand
  • A small selection of popular fashion items

How to connect Printify to your Shopify store

You can use the Printify Shopify app to connect the plaform to your store.


  • Free for your first five stores
  • Premium – $24.99 for up to ten stores

16. Gelato

Location: Globally

Niche: Print on demand clothing


Gelato offers some of the widest ranges of POD clothing choices out there. Just produce your branding and designs, upload them to your Gelato account, and you’re good to go! Moreover, their deliveries are made super-fast thanks to a worldwide network of offices in more than a dozen countries. You’re never too far from a Gelato printer.

Using Gelato can be a convenient way to start your own apparel brand. With a creative or niche design, you can attract audiences from across the globe and earn a profit. Pro tip: make sure to work on your post-purchase experience as customers love brands that care for them even after the sale has been made.


  • Quick production and delivery times
  • Worldwide support from local offices


  • Initial personal design and time costs

How to connect Gelato to your Shopify store

The Gelato Shopify app connects your Gelato account to your Shopify store

Price: Free

17. Shein

Location: China

Niche: Fashion


Shein is a B2C online retail marketplace with one focus on apparel. The Shein catalog is constantly evolvingthe company has many designers that work year round to create new lines and products as the times change.

Shein mainly sells low-priced clothing, so you can keep your product costs low when sourcing products via this platform. The price is also good for earning a profit with better margins.

And while Shein doesn’t officially allow dropshipping, you can sell their products by taking your own product images and agreeing terms with the supplier. Additionally, Shein products arrive in the company’s branded packages, so you’ll have to forgo private labeling and inform customers that you’re selling a Shein product.


  • Ever-evolving catalog of products
  • Worldwide distribution


  • Recently suffered some negative reviews that affected its public image
  • Some delivery issues reported

How to connect Shein to your Shopify store

You can use the AutoDS app to import Shien products into your Shopify store.

Price: Free

18. Zaful

Location: China

Niche: Fashion and accessories

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