How to Start Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace [Updated]

facebook marketplace dropshipping

Facebook Marketplace is a feature introduced by FB in 2016. It began as a platform for Facebook users to trade goods locally, allowing users to browse trade posts, search for items for sale in their area, or find items that support delivery. And then Facebook extended Marketplace to merchants, allowing users to browse both goods and services offered by their local community as well as those offered by merchants. According to data, millions of users transact on Marketplace every day.

Usage Requirements of Facebook Marketplace

Facebook Marketplace is currently only available to select users, to use Marketplace you need to meet the following criteria:

  • is not a new Facebook user and Marketplace is not available for recently created accounts.
  • is located in a country that supports the use of Marketplace features.
  • is at least 18 years old.

Note1: Violate the Meta Terms of Service, Business Transactions Policy, or other policies. You may be restricted from using Facebook Marketplace

Note2:Marketplace is not supported on older Facebook apps and iPhone models up to and including iPhone 5.

Types of Sellers on Facebook Marketplace

There are two types of sellers on Marketplace, Frequent sellers and Business sellers, such as retail and e-commerce companies.

Facebook Marketplace Fees

Selling Fees: This is a fee that Facebook Marketplace will charge for each transaction, which means that Facebook Marketplace will charge a fee for each shipment. The maximum sales fee is 5% and the minimum is $0.40. In other words, you’re charged a flat $0.40 if your item costs less than $8. So when you sell an item priced at $100, the sales charge is $5. Your final collection is $95.

facebook marketplace fees

Refund fees: Online shopping usually involves returns and refunds. When you process a refund, Facebook Marketplace will send you an email and allow two days for processing. The refund amount will be deducted from the store balance, so you need to make sure you have a sufficient balance.

Ads Cost: Advertising is a way to boost sales. Ads on Facebook Marketplace will entice customers to shop and build relationships at the same time. Since Facebook is a social platform, it is possible to build connections with your target audience through Marketplace ads.

Does Allow Facebook Marketplace Dropshipping?

Yes! Dropshipping is permitted on Facebook Marketplace. A retailer that uses dropshipping does not hold inventory for the products it sells. Rather, when a store sells anything, it buys it directly from a third party and ships it straight to the buyer.

How to Start Dropshipping on Facebook Marketplace?

Step 1: Create a Facebook account
A personal Facebook account is required to sell on Facebook Marketplace. Ensure that your profile is comprehensive and credible in the eyes of potential clients.

Step 2: Product Research
Determine products that possess a favorable profit margin and are in high demand. Market research, tools, and social media trends can all be utilized to identify appropriate products.
Here’s the full list of Facebook Marketplace categories:

VehiclesProperty rentalsApparel Classifieds 
Electronics EntertainmentFamily Free stuff 
Garden & outdoorHobbies Home goods Home improvement supplies
Home salesMusical instrumentsOffice suppliesPet supplies
Sporting goodsToys & gamesBuy & sell groups

NOTE: If you use one of the Meta Ecommerce inventory partners platforms  (e.g., Bigcommerce, ChannelAdvisor, Shopify, CommerceHub), you can create your product listings on Marketplace, quickly import products, and centrally manage your inventory.

Step 3: Find Credible Suppliers
Find suppliers who can supply the goods you intend to sell. Verify that they have a dependable shipping policy. CJ Dropshipping and similar platforms are widely used for dropshipping.

Step 4: Set Up Your Facebook Marketplace Listings
Present your products on Facebook Marketplace accompanied by high-quality images, comprehensive descriptions, and competitive pricing. Ensure that you adhere to Facebook’s listing guidelines.

Step 5:Promote Your Listings
Leverage Facebook’s advertising tools to increase your products’ visibility. Advertisements can be targeted to reach the appropriate audience.

Step 6: Manage Orders and Customer Communication
Employ Facebook Messenger as a means of consumer communication. Upon receipt of an order, communicate the customer’s details to the supplier, who shall be responsible for the direct shipment of the product.

Step 7: Order Fulfillment
Order management capabilities are available via a connected e-commerce platform. Alternatively, order fulfillment will have to be performed manually.

Best Selling Items on Facebook Marketplace:

Excellent product is a key factor in determining whether a customer places an order or not, here are a few trending dropshipping products. Let’s take a look at them together!

Print-On-Demand Products(POD)

More and more people tend to buy creative, one-of-a-kind products, and print-on-demand products are the best choice. One-of-a-kind, impressive products can add to a consumer’s impression of a store.

We can sell mugs, magnets, buttons, posters, tote bags, coasters, phone cases, notebooks, and fashion clothing.

Fashion Clothing

Fashion apparel has always been one of the best-selling product categories. The reason for this is that clothing reflects everyone’s taste and style, and people are keen to show their individuality by choosing different styles of products. In addition, fashion trends are constantly changing. New trends and designs are emerging all the time. This drives people to buy clothes according to the different seasons and new trends, thus boosting the sales of fashion apparel.

Baby Care Products

The birth of a baby comes with the anticipation of the entire family. So most of parents are more than willing to pay for baby care products. Newborns are in great demand and a baby may need diapers, baby clothes, cribs, strollers, baby diapers, breastfeeding supplies, etc. as soon as he or she is born. So sellers have a lot of options under the product category of baby care products. Newborns grow fast, so there can be a great demand for different sizes of the same product. Happily, baby care products have a high consumer loyalty and if you can connect with buyers in Facebook marketplace selling, I believe there will be great business opportunities as well.

Seasonal Products

Seasonal items are products that are in high demand during a particular season and relatively low demand during other seasons. As a Facebook Marketplace Seller, seasonal merchandise is an option worth considering.

Merchants can do time-limited promotions and activities according to specific seasons and festivals to welcome consumers to buy. However, this merchandise category requires attention to inventory management and keeping track of fashion trends and market preferences.

Garden range products

Surveys have shown that consumers have a high willingness to pay for garden collections. Garden products range in price from a few dollars to tens of dollars or even hundreds of dollars. The garden range includes outdoor furniture, umbrellas, barbecue equipment, pots, plants, lawn decorations and so on, which means that there is a lot of room for choice when it comes to the garden range. Consumers will also be more willing to place orders. Similar to seasonal products, people will buy different garden series products according to seasonal changes, such as in summer, outdoor tables and chairs, deck chairs, and swings are good choices. In winter it’s solar lights and LED string lights.

Several of the above product categories are recommended to be sold in Facebook Marketplace. Choosing the right product is half the battle!

Difference between Facebook Shop and  Facebook Marketplace

What is Facebook Shop? In getting started with Facebook Marketplace, people often confuse Facebook Shop. Facebook Shops is a platform that makes it easy for businesses to sell goods on social media. Without knowing how to code, sellers can make their own web stores, use Stories to promote their goods and connect with customers. Below we have listed the differences between the two.

Facebook MarketplaceFacebook Shop
Facebook Marketplace allows users to list, find and advertise products.Facebook Shop allows sellers and companies to list and sell their products within the platform.
It is not possible to buy and sell on Facebook Marketplace.Allows users to buy from different Facebook Shops.
It does not support transactions.Supports payment transactions (regionally related) and allows redirection to your external website/e-commerce platform/site/store.
Allows users to find products and get in touch with sellers.Products are listed by sellers or companies on their Facebook page for customers and Facebook users to view.
More like a product listing site than an e-commerce platform.More like an online store from your Facebook page.

How to Scale Your Online Business On Facebook Marketplace

1. Product selection: Select products that are in high demand and appropriate for the market. Analyze trends and customer preferences to select items that are more likely to sell.

2. Optimize product descriptions from time to time: The search intent of the audience is varied and updated frequently. It requires us to optimize product descriptions from time to time through data analysis so that buyers notice you faster when they do.

3. Promotions and discounts: Offer limited-time offers or discounts to attract new customers and incentivize repeat purchases.

4. Facebook Groups: Facebook is essentially a social software and sellers increase customer stickiness by creating Facebook groups. This also helps to leave a deep impression in the minds of buyers.

5. After-sales service: Respond to customer messages and comments in a timely manner and provide good after-sales service. It can better gain buyers’ goodwill to motivate them to order again.

6. Packaging and shipping: constantly improve customer satisfaction through perfect packaging and fast shipping. Ensure a smooth and efficient customer experience.


Above we have described the definition of Facebook Marketplace, the requirements to use it, the types and fees. It also describes how to dropshipping in Facebook Marketplace, and best-selling products. Facebook Marketplace has become an important player in the e-commerce space and we think it’s a platform worth considering for sellers!

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