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How to Buy a Prebuilt Shopify Store? A Beginner’s Guide

Shopify provides all the tools you need to build your own store. But what if it’s not your thing? What if you’re short on time? That’s where prebuilt Shopify stores come in. These stores are ready-made and save you lots of hassle.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to buy a prebuilt Shopify store. From knowing their types to finding the best places to buy, we’ll cover it all.

What Is a Prebuilt Shopify Store and Its Types?

A prebuilt Shopify store is a ready-made store that just needs a bit of setup to get going. It’s got everything—products, design, payment gateways—all setup. 

There are three types of prebuilt Shopify stores: turnkey stores, custom stores, and existing stores. 

1. Turnkey Shopify Stores

Turnkey stores are ready to market right away. They come with products, photos, descriptions, and apps all setup. No need for design or coding skills. 

2. Custom Shopify Stores 

Custom stores are made by experts to fit your needs. You control product research, suppliers, and marketing. The expert handles the design and coding. 

3. Existing Shopify Stores 

Existing stores already have sales and profit data. You get the products, suppliers, customers, and everything else. But you’ll need to make adjustments based on financial reports.

Are Pre-built Shopify Stores Legit?

Wondering if prebuilt Shopify stores are legit? It all comes down to the provider—make sure they have a good reputation and quality setup. Additionally, check if they offer good support after you buy. Reputable providers offer well-designed stores with potential for growth. 

What else should you keep in mind when buying a prebuilt Shopify store? Here’s a checklist: 

  • Check their track record and look for reviews, testimonials, and case studies. Ensure they have a professional online presence. 
  • Look for clear pricing and terms. Confirm they offer post-purchase support to help you manage your store. 
  • Beware of overhyped claims of instant success. Look for real-world success stories and evidence from other buyers. 
  • Ensure the store offers customization options. Verify it can grow with your business as you expand. 
  • Read online reviews and participate in forums. Ask for references and check if the provider meets legal requirements and uses secure transactions.

Is It Worth Buying a Prebuilt Shopify Store?

Yes! Buying a prebuilt Shopify store has its upsides. This is even more of a way to increase efficiency for the low-barrier dropshipping business. So let’s go over them to see if it’s worth the investment.

  • Less effort in store setup. Setting up an online store takes skill and time. With a prebuilt store, you skip all the design and coding work. It’s all ready for you. 
  • Quick market entry. Starting with a prebuilt store means you can enter the market quickly. For example, you can start selling seasonal products right away, capturing sales that would be lost if you were still setting up.
  • Save time for other activities. Since the store is mostly set up, you can use your time to focus on marketing and customer service. This helps you grow your business faster. 

Where to Buy Prebuilt Shopify Stores?

1. Adsellr

Adsellr offers three turnkey Shopify store options: one-product, 25-product, and 100-product stores. These come with fully integrated features such as beautiful UI/UX design, SEO optimization, and email marketing setup. You can choose from various different niches, including beauty products, furniture & home decoration, luxury goods, and more.

how to buy a prebuilt shopify store

Service highlights

  • 2024 winning products: Product research and selection guaranteed to drive sales. 
  • Reliable USA suppliers: Offer clients free 10-14 day shipping with integrated US suppliers. 
  • Quick delivery: Stores are delivered in under 7 business days, with options to revise details until perfect.


Adsellr’s pre-build Shopify stores cost between $350-$2250.

2. Dropship for Sale

Dropship for Sale offers two turnkey dropshipping store options: startup stores and premade stores. You start by selecting a niche from options like apparel, cosmetics, skincare, and vitamins. Then, the team works on your store and delivers it to you.

buying a prebuilt shopify store

Service highlights:

  • Instant transfer: Prebuilt stores can be instantly transferred to you.
  • Preview function: Explore available stores to get a feel for the design and choose the right one.
  • Flexible business: Change your store niche anytime. Start with skincare, switch to clothing if needed.


Dropship for Sale’s startup store package is currently priced at $20. The premade store package starts from $1,250 per store.

3. Flippa

Flippa is a popular marketplace that also lists prebuilt Shopify stores for sale. You can use its filters to find standard or dropshipping sites that suit your needs. Currently, the Flippa marketplace has over 5000 Shopify sites listed.

buy a prebuilt shopify store

Service highlights:

  • Expert assistance: Get expert guidance from suggested brokers or the internal team. They help you navigate the buying process with confidence. 
  • Verified listings: See the website page, monthly page views, and profit margin for each site. Verified listings have been checked by a broker or the Flippa team. 
  • Secure communication: Contact sellers directly through Flippa. All communication is protected and easily referenced for security.


Flippa’s prebuilt Shopify stores range between $350 to $1 million+.

4. Empire Flippers

Empire Flippers is another marketplace that lists prebuilt Shopify stores for sale. It runs rigorous checks to ensure only quality businesses get listed. You can search by niche or use monetization and price filters to find the right business for you.

is it worth buying a prebuilt shopify store

Service highlights:

  • Detailed store information: For each store, you see the monthly revenue, net profit, seller price, more. Charts show revenue and profit over time to help you assess performance.
  • Direct access and verification: Contact Empire Flippers to access the site’s URL and proof of earnings. Ask any questions directly to the seller.
  • Professional M&A support: A team of M&A brokers assists with the transfer of ownership. This makes buying a business easy, safe, and secure.


Empire Flippers list premium Shopify stores costing $100,000 to $1 million+. 

5. Upwork and Fiverr

Upwork and Fiverr are platforms where you can find freelancers to create your premade Shopify store. You can inquire about one-product stores, Shopify dropshipping stores, and anything else you need. Service providers on both marketplaces have portfolios, skill descriptions, and testimonials—you can vet and choose as you like.

where to buy a prebuilt shopify store

Service highlights:

  • Custom Projects: On Upwork, freelancers list hourly rates for custom projects. Fiverr freelancers offer individually priced gigs or projects. 
  • Direct Communication: Contact freelancers directly to discuss your project. Set your expectations, budget, and timeline in detail.
  • Secure payments: The payments you make go through Escrow. As such, you can be sure of a legitimate purchase.


The cost can vary from $250 to over $1000 per store, depending on your requirements.

Tips To Buy a Pre Built Shopify Dropshipping Store

When buying a prebuilt Shopify store, it’s essential to do your homework. Here are some top tips to guide you:

  • Check what’s included. See what’s included with the turnkey store. Some sellers offer just the store and product pages, while others include suppliers and automation software.
  • Align your expectations. Ask how they find their winning products. Make sure their methods match what you’re looking for.
  • Consider post-purchase support: Look into what kind of support is available after you buy the store. It can be helpful, especially if you’re new to this. 
  • Evaluate the suppliers: Ask about the suppliers they use. Check their processing times, delivery expectations, and product quality. 
  • Get examples and reviews: For custom stores, ask for example stores and read reviews. This shows you the quality and style of the store builder’s work.

Final Verdict

Starting a new business is always exciting. But you don’t necessarily need to build everything from scratch. 

With the marketplaces we’ve mentioned, you can easily buy a prebuilt Shopify store that fits your needs.

So go ahead, find your perfect store, and let the profits roll in!

FAQ: Buying a Prebuilt Shopify Store

Q1: Is It Wise to Buy a Prebuilt Dropshipping Store? 

It depends. A prebuilt store saves you time, but you might have less control over products and suppliers. This could affect your profit compared to doing your own product research. 

Q2: Is It Easy to Make My Own Shopify Store? 

Yes. Shopify is super easy to use, even if you have no coding or design skills. There are lots of templates, and it’s click-to-edit and drag-and-drop. Shopify gives every user a free 3 day trial and a 1$ a month offer. This is a good try for people who want to try shopify.Even beginners can build a basic store. If you get stuck, the Shopify help center and support team are there to help, or you can hire a freelancer. 

Q3: Can I Change the Products in a Prebuilt Store? 

Yes, you can usually change the products in a prebuilt store. Check with the seller about any restrictions or guidelines for making changes. 

Q4: How Much Does a Prebuilt Shopify Store Cost? 

The cost varies. It can range from a few hundred dollars to several thousand, depending on the store’s features, niche, and the number of products included. Always compare what’s offered to make sure you’re getting good value.

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