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How to deal with “unknown” orders

When a product does not record a supplier in our app, it will be marked as “Unknown”. In other words, this product is neither connected to AliExpress products nor supplied by us.So Sourcing and Connection functions can handle this kind of product order.

Option 1: Sourcing products and Supplied by us

Step 1: Send us a sourcing request.

Please go to Orders > All, in the “All” sections, there are the orders with “Unknown” tag. Click ¡±Sourcing¡° button to send a quotation request.

Step 2: Waiting for sourcing and place order.

Waiting for us to find the goods, this kind of request will generally be processed within 24 hours.If there are any problems, we will contact you as soon as possible via email.

After we confirmed the product. Then the order will be displayed in the “To order” section.The operation here is like placing an order on AliExpress. You only need to click the place an order button, and our order will be generated.

Step 3: Pay for the order.

After you click to place an order, the corresponding order will appear in Orders> Dropshipman. We currently only support PayPal.

Option 2:Connection with AliExpress products.

Step 1: Find a supplier on AliExress

(If you already have an AliExpress product link, please skip this step.)

To find a supplier on AliExpresss, please go to AliExpress dropshipping center(https://home.aliexpress.com/dropshipper/join_drop_shipper.htm) > Find Products to Sell

Click “Search by image” and find similar products by uploading a product image.

For more details about AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Step 2:Click the Connection button

Step 3:We will redirect to the corresponding product.Click More action> Linking.

Step 4: Then enter the product id of AliExpress in the pop-up window. After obtaining the product, link to the corresponding product SKU.

Step 5:Back to the order page, the order will be marked as To order.

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