How to Earn Some Extra Cash While Dropshipping Using Aliexpress?

You can get some cash back in Admitad through Dropshipman’s system. When you place an AliExpress order through Dropshipman, you can get AliExpress’ affiliate cash back through Admitad. This needs to be after you add Admitad’s affiliate ID in the Dropshipman configuration. Your unique affiliate ID is added, and Admitad tracks your orders and pays commissions to you from that order.

To get your unique affiliate ID, you need to create and set up your Admitad account. Then add your affiliate ID to your Dropshipman account.

The affiliate program feature is available only with the Essentialplan. Check your plan and consider upgrading.

Create an Admitad account

Dropshipman work with the Admitad affiliate network. The commission rate depends on the product category and goes up to 6.9%. To get your unique affiliate ID, you need to create an Admitad account.


  1. Go to Admitad and click Join.

  2. Enter your credentials to create an Admitad account and then click Sign up.

  3. In the Country, field select your country, and in the Category, field selects Online Shops.

  4. Click Next.

  5. Select Website and click Next.

  6. Check Dropshipping and click Next.

  7. In the Website name field, enter your store name (for example Dropshipman).

  8. In the Link to resource field, enter your store¡¯s URL (for example

  9. Click Ready.

  10. Go to your email inbox and open an email from Admitad.

  11. Click Confirm Email Address to activate your account.

Set up your Admitad account

After you create and activate your Admitad account, you need to set it up to get your unique affiliate ID.


  1. Go to

  2. Go to Programs > All Programs.

  3. Find the AliExpress WW affiliate program and click About program.

  4. Click Banners and Links and wait a few days until your account is approved to join the affiliate program.

Add your affiliate ID to Dropshipman

After your account is approved, you’ll receive an email from Admitad. YYd to copy your affiliate ID from Admitad and paste it to Dropshipman.


1. Go to

2. Go to Programs > My Programs.

3. Click the AliExpress WW affiliate program, and then click Banners and Links.

4. Copy your affiliate ID after the /g/ in the URL. The affiliate ID section of the link is highlighted in the image below.

5. From your Dropshipman admin, go to Settings >AliExpress affiliate.

6. Paste your unique affiliate ID to the Affiliate ID field.

7. Click Save.

Place order

Don’t forget to click the link generator before placing an order.

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