How to Find the Best Dropshipping Products in 2024

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So you’ve jumped into dropshipping. And now, you’re eager to learn how to find the best dropshipping products to sell. That’s a good priority. Because right now, the dropshipping market is brimming with competition. This means stores offering popular dropshipping items will have an edge over those who don’t.

This post is here to help you gain that advantage. We’ll guide you through identifying dropshipping products that are both profitable and a hit with consumers. 

Traits of best dropshipping products

Best dropshipping products are items that really resonate with customers. They have certain traits that make them more appealing and sellable. These include being reasonably sized, not too fragile, and offering something unique.

When choosing items for your dropshipping store, consider:

1. Size and durability  

Go for products that are compact and hard-wearing. Big, bulky items can bump up shipping costs, and fragile things like glassware often lead to headaches with damage and returns.

2. Novelty and attractiveness

Find products that catch the eye. If it’s something cool and different, something you can’t just pick up at any store, it’s likely to draw in more shoppers. 

3. Problem-solving nature

People love products that make life easier. If what you’re selling fixes a common issue or improves daily routines, it’s bound to be a hit. 

4. Ease of use

Keep it simple. Products that are a breeze to use mean happier customers and fewer complaints or returns.

5. Pricing

Aim for a sweet spot with pricing. It’s too expensive and it’s a hard sell, especially if big brands offer something similar. Affordable yet quality items often have the edge.

These traits can help guide you to pick winning products for your dropshipping store.

How to find the best products for dropshipping 2024

There are a few different methods you can use to find the best dropshipping items for your store. Let’s go through them, one by one.

1. Research on trending platforms

Certain platforms list the latest products that could be perfect for your dropshipping store. Check out Kickstarter for new, innovative items. Wish is great for a variety of trending products. Google Trends shows you what’s hot based on search trends.

As you browse these sites, look for products that could bring in good profits. Once you find something interesting, think about how to market it to your customers.

 2. Use Facebook Search and Library

To see what’s hot in dropshipping, use Facebook’s search feature. Type phrases like “20% off” or “free shipping” into the search bar. Then, click on “Videos” on the left side. The videos that pop up are likely from dropshipping stores. Check out their likes, views, and comments. These are good signs of a product’s popularity.

The Facebook Ads Library is also great for scouting dropshipping products. You’ll need the names of some dropshipping stores or novelty e-commerce brands. Search for them in the Ads Library, and you’ll see all their active ads.

If big stores are promoting certain products, consider whether you want to compete with them or sell something similar or complementary.

3. Search on Amazon

Amazon is also a great platform for dropshipping product research. While browsing it, make sure to check out:

Amazon Best Seller Lists

Start with Amazon’s best-seller lists. They’re a treasure trove, covering every category and updated hourly. Here, you’ll find both brand names like Lego and FujiFilm and unbranded winners too.

Amazon ‘As Seen on TV’

Check out the ‘As Seen on TV’ section on Amazon. It’s a less-known tactic, but fantastic for finding novelty products that are currently popular. A simple search can reveal a variety of products that might be perfect for your dropshipping business.

Amazon Movers and Shakers

For the latest trends, visit Amazon’s Movers and Shakers. It shows the best-performing products over the past 24 hours, giving you insight into what’s hot and trending across all Amazon categories.

Using these Amazon features can significantly streamline your search for the best dropshipping products. They offer real-time insights into consumer preferences and emerging trends.

4. Research Your Competitors

A smart way to know what’s selling? Look at your competitors or other Shopify stores advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Notice the engagement level of their ads. Lots of likes and comments usually mean they’re onto something good.

Here’s a neat trick: you can get Facebook to show you more competitor ads. Just visit a big dropshipping store, and add a product to your cart, but don’t complete the purchase. This abandonment often triggers the store’s retargeting ads.

When you see these retargeting ads on your social media, click on them. This tells Facebook you’re interested, and it’ll start showing you more similar ads. It’s a simple way to flood your feed with what your competitors are pushing.

Once you’ve got these ads popping up, take a close look at the engagement. Are people actively commenting and liking? If yes, there’s probably a good market demand for these products.

Keep in mind, that a dropshipping business won’t keep spending on ads if they’re not making money from them. So, high ad engagement is often a good indicator of profitable products.

5. Explore hashtags and social shopping sites

Social media platforms like TikTok and Instagram can also help you find trending dropshipping products.

Start with TikTok’s #tiktokmademebuyit. This hashtag showcases cool, often unexpected products purchased from Amazon. It’s a great source for finding popular consumer items, from flying tools to hydro patches.

Next, visit Although it looks a bit outdated, this site is a gold mine for identifying trending products on eBay. By showing how many people add a product to their watch list, it gives you real-time insights into what’s popular.

Also, consider exploring sites like Etsy and Wanelo. Etsy highlights handmade and unique items, perfect for a niche market. Wanelo, short for ‘Want, Need, Love,’ is a digital mall that can offer ideas for more mainstream, trendy products

How can Dropshiman help in finding trending dropshipping products?

Dropshipman is an all-in-one dropshipping supplier that simplifies the process of finding the best dropshipping products. Once you register an account, they tell you the steps to take to sync their platform with your Shopify store.
After syncing, you just need to choose your preferred categories, click the” Find Products” tab on the left, and get searching.
You can find trending products by clicking the “Trending Products” category at the top. Dropshipman also lets you sort them by Newest to Oldest, High to Low Rating, and High to Low Price.

find dropshipping peoduct

After you’ve identified the items you wish to sell, just click on “Add to Import List” to get them on your store.

How can Dropshiman help in finding winning dropshipping products?

As for trending dropshipping products, Dropshipman has an exclusive category for winning items. You can click it to see all the winners in the inventory.
Alternatively, you can identify winning items by going through the star rating, reviews, and pricing of each item.

  • Star rating: The star rating is a quick visual indicator of customer satisfaction. High ratings generally suggest that previous buyers were pleased with their purchase.
  • Reviews: These provide firsthand accounts of customer experiences. Positive reviews often imply that a product is a winner.
  • Price: The price is low enough to allow for a high-profit margin. Such products are often stocked by wholesalers, who let you levy high margins on the MSRP of the item.


These are all the ways to find the best dropshipping products in 2024. As you begin your search, remember—it’s about staying sharp and flexible. Trends shift, customer preferences change, and what’s in demand today might fade tomorrow. Keep your research game strong, keep an eye on evolving trends, and leverage tools like Dropshipman to find the best items for your store.

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