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How to Get Fast Shipping on AliExpress Dropshipping

Covid-19 is an opportunity and a challenge for the majority of merchants. In the days when they cannot go out, people will realize that online shopping is more convenient than store shopping.One of the disadvantages of online shopping is that it takes a few days later than store shopping. Let¡¯s face it: Customers, you and me all love fast shipping.

So, how toget fast shipping on AliExpress?Let’stalk about this.

Step 1:Choose the country of your target market

This option will display all products that can be shipped to the country of your target market. In addition, currency and language can also be switched here.Let¡®s choose the United States as an example. AliExpress is founded in 2010, who is available in 220 different countries and regions, enable payment in local currency in 51 countries. Since 2015, Dropshipping began to rise, and AliExpress has played an important role in it.

fast shipping_Dropshipman

STEP 2:Choose the nearest warehouse.

The known warehouses of AliExpress include China, United States, Russian Federation, Turkey, Indonesia, Brazil, Vietnam, United Arab Emirates, Chile, Hungary, Israel, Ukraine, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Nigeria, Korea, Belgium, Republic of Latvia, Czech Republic, Italy, France, Australia, Spain, Germany, United Kingdom, Chech, Poland.

With the growth of business, AliExpress is also continuing to add new warehouses. The nearest warehouse should be delivered sooner.The same here we choose the US warehouse as an example.

fast shipping_dropshipman

Step 3: Filter by Dropshipman Chrome extension.

Our free chrome extension can not only add products to Dropshipman with one click, but also help you filter products.Install extension

We use javascript to refresh the page in real time. After selecting the warehouse, please refresh the page. And please choose your preferred shipping method and ship to country.

fast shipping_dropshipman

Then dropshipman will display eligible options, including their shipping prices and shipping time.

I chose “Seller’s shipping method” as an example.For the first sunglasses, it takes about 9-18 days to ship from the US warehouse to the US, and the shipping cost is $4.36.So the cost of this product is probably $7.19.

fast shipping_dropshipman

Of course, some shipping methods will be faster to the US, such as USPS.

fast shipping

This method may reduce some profits, but fast shipping is still everyone’s favorite. This requires your decision.

Step 4:Select a warehouse before importing to your store.

The last but important step, before importing to your store, in the app Dropshipman, don’t forget to select the warehouse. This will ensure that your store only displays the SKU of this warehouse.

fast shipping_dropshipman

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