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And this blog post will show you how to find the right products on AliExpress. Let's start.

In present, AliExpress is the best platform for dropshipping. in 2019, Shopify reported 1,000,000 active stores on Shopify. Most of the dropshippers are using AliExpress as dropshipping site, and they have very high profits. And on AliExpress, we can find basically all the products.

There are millions of suppliers on AliExpress, but not all suppliers are suitable for dropshipping. We should pay attention to product review , as well as the credibility of suppliers and the overall evaluation of their stores.

It is not difficult to select products on AliExpress. Just enter the keywords of the products you want to search and the results will come out. However, there are too many products (40 millions+) on AliExpress, and sometimes it takes several days or even weeks to select products on AliExpresss. For your customer, it was the same thing. If you have changed the title/descriptions of products, it will be petty hard to search these products in AliExpresss.

But don't worry, we have a quick way to pick winning products on AliExpress.

Step 1: Open and check the categories

For example, we hope to sell some women's clothing. In the category of Women's Fashion, there are some sub-categories like dresses, tees, sweaters, etc. Our target product depends on the research we have done before and our target market. Therefore, in the case of a relatively large selection range, our target niche market must be very specific, that is, our target product type must also be very specific.

how to pick winning products on aliexpress_dropshipman

Step 2: Choose a specific subcategory

Let's choose sunglass as an example. Now the result come out with sunglass subcategory. On the right side of the page, through these filtering options, we can set our target product more specific.

How to pick winning products on AliExpress_dropshipman


Step 3: Sort by Orders

This way we can see which products are more popular, have high sales, and sell quickly. With detailed filtering, it is easier to find the products you want. We can choose some products options like lenses color, lenses optical attribute, style, frame material, etc.

How to pick winning products on AliExpress_dropshipman

In fact, just like we usually go to supermarket, it takes a few minutes to understand which styles of the target product are more popular.

Be sure to pay attention to the sales volume of a product, as well as the number of user reviews. We can know the product's popularity or not.

But if there is too many such products you want on AliExpress, remember that you must go to Facebook or other social media and check the posts & videos for these products.

if there are too much post or video, it means that many stores are selling this product, and the market is saturated.