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How to Place Orders via Dropshipman

As a partner of AliExpress, Dropshipman, your order can be created on AliExpress by Dropshipman through API.

Precondition of orders

After your order is created in Shopify, Shopify will push the order information to Dropshipman.

In addition, the phone number is a required option for AliExpress orders, so if you fill in a unified phone number in Dropshipman > Settings > Shipping > Contact information, we will give priority to this number when placing an order. After this order is pushed to AliExpress, you can also reconfirm on the order page before you pay.

override phone number_dropshipman

If your order is in “Requested” or “Unfulfilled” status in Shopify, you need to place the order in Dropshipman.We receive the same data from Shopify in these two states.Dropshipman marks them as “To order”.



Go to your store > apps > Dropshipman

place order_dropshipman

Place Orders

The two buttons below can be used to create orders, one is for batch creation, and the other is for individual creation of orders.

place orders_dropshipman

Pay on AliExpress

Dropshipman will not be responsible for the money transaction of the order, all payments are done by you on AliExpress. When the order is pushed to AliExpress, Dropshipman will automatically open the order page.

Option 1: Bulk payorders:

place order_dropshipman

Option 2:Check order information and payon the order detail page:

In addition, you can also go to the order details page of AliExpress through the order number in Dropshipman.

place orders_dropshipman

If it is a single order, the page will display as follows.The user¡¯s address is the test address we just filled in (the address of the University of Massachusetts).

The configuration of phone and comments are in Dropshipman> Settings> Shipping.

place order_dropshipman

Order Delay 3 days

If the order is not shipped, dropshipman will send the request to AliExpress to synchronize your order data every 2 hours. Please confirm that your authorization has not expired.

If the order is not paid or the supplier does not ship, the order will be marked as a delayed order, and we will send this to your email via notifications mails.

place orders_dropshipman

The notifications setting is in Dropshipman > Settings > Notifications.

setting email notification_dropshipman

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