How to Set Price Rules on Dropshipman APP

Settings > Price rules

Price rules are used when importing products to DropShipMan or when the prices of imported products are updated.

You may follow the steps in the video tutorial below.

Global price rules

Base price rules

Shopify presets two fields for the price, one is your selling price, the other is the anchored price (or compare at price).According to shopify’s variant price rules, before importing to shopify, these two prices are multiplied or added to a fixed valueby the selling price of AliExpress.

Advanced price rules

In addition, a more advanced configuration can also be used to update your price rules. If the AliExpress product cost is between the cost range (depending on your default currency) you set up, the price rules follow this line will be active, otherwise, Rest of the price ranges will be active.

Adjust the price

After saving the price rules, you can apply the new price rules to existing products through this function.

Assign cents

You can set a specific cent value for your retail price. We will use this value when forming the final price for your items (e.g., if you want the cost of your product to be XX.99 then add 99 to the fields below).

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