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How can Shopify Dropshippers Target Generation Z in North America in 2022?

Just when you thought that you had tactfully figured out the best way to serve millennials, like a flash of lightning comes generation Z. The question that may be ringing in your mind right now is how exactly does this generation differ from millennials if at all they do? Generation z range between the age of 18-25 years. It is the generation that was born using the internet and grew up with all the advantages of technology and social media ranging from iPhone to Netflix and Instagram. And because of that, they are whip-smart, efficient, and savvy.

Besides, generation Z is the most confident, has in-depth social awareness, and entrepreneurial generation of our time. It does not need rocket science to tell that a large chunk of these people today are either college students or just entering the workforce.

What are some of the business consumption behaviors of generation Z that you need to know?

In case you want to build a business relationship with your generation Z customers, first, you need to be aware of what motivates them as explained below.

1. Care mostly about work life and personal well being

Take this as a caution. Generation Z has a unique thought. That means while you are aiming to attract and retain this generation, your business must consider what they can do to generation Z that will not only encourage a healthy lifestyle but also greater well-being. Your products and services therefore should go beyond traditional ways. I mean if it is based on clothes, let it be trendy and fashionable. They also prefer streaming Services to traditional cables. In addition, they prefer getting stackable content they can get on their phones and computers.

2. They love the diversity

One of their primary characteristics is racial diversity. The backdrop of their early years was marred by the existence of a black president in the most developed country the USA. This was followed by the legalization of gay marriage, in some parts of North American countries.

They are more likely to have grown up in the middle of diverse family structures. They are therefore less fazed than the previous generations by the difference in race, sexual orientation, or religion. They will readily purchase from dropshippers from all parts of the world as much as their interests are met.

3. They are our first digital natives

This generation was born when digital technology was at Its peak. In other words, information was immediately accessible, and social media was increasingly ubiquitous. They are therefore termed as ¡®The natives of Technology.¡¯ As a dropshipper, you have to know that this generation receives a lot of information

pertaining to different products and services since they use technology most of the time. You, therefore, need to be very tactful with your ads.

4. They are financially minded and pragmatic

The great recession took place while they were at a tender age. They, therefore, watched keenly as their parents struggled to make both ends meet during this period. Having witnessed the financial hardship their parents encountered, they are driven by pragmatism and security. In conclusion, they value the stability that comes with restricted spending, stable jobs, and smart investment. Whereas millennials grew up while there was an economic boom, Gen Z-ers were shaped by economic pressures their families and community members faced.

5. They are shrewd consumers

Their behavior is a complete reflection of the values and the influence of the increasingly digital world. Their kids have the potential to depend on their tech-savvy and extensive social networks to make informed purchasing decisions. Courtesy of their pragmatism, they keenly explore and evaluate a range of options before settling on a product. Funnily, they are more likely to be influenced by the recommendations of real-life users than by mere celebrity endorsements.

While they use Social media as a means to curate their own personal brand, they look at purchasing decisions as a means of their values and identity. In summary, generation Z Always experiences the following behaviors:

  • They tend to already have the information at hand and will always still carry out the research and weigh up options before making a purchase decision.
  • They are hardly attached to specific brands and instead they prefer shopping around for the best deals.
  • They give more attention to brand ethics and corporate responsibility than even the millennials.
  • They are the best place to shop on social media as compared to other generations.
  • They have high expectations as consumers both in terms of customer service and product quality.
  • Being the fact that they always have their own personal experience through their research, and they like individualized shopping.

Now that you have known how this unique generation behaves toward its product consumption, we will dive into the techniques that you need to apply as a marketer to win them over.

1. Stress on eye-catching visual content

Appropriately 81% of generation Z are always glued to either Instagram or YouTube as their preferred social network of choice. Since they have a high social network appetite, drop shippers should consider incorporating visual platforms into their strategies and develop big-sized content like Instagram to their stories. Short-form videos with overlays, visual effects, and music have evidently proven to be a marketing gem for both influencers and brands alike. Another crucial component to incorporate your ads on is TikTok which boasts a huge number of generation Z users.

2. Leverage tags for engagement

Tagging has a lot of influence on the members of generation Z. You can do this through:

  • Encouraging your followers to have their user-generated content like customer photos and short videos coupled with branded hashtags shared.
  • Permit customers to tag their friends and family members to invite new potential followers to your brand¡¯s social feed. You should note that even something which seems as simple as requesting a tag is enough to evoke a meaningful response from younger consumers.

3. Respond to followers in a timely manner

Ensure that you give them your undivided attention as this would boost your brand loyalty. Be prompt in your response as this is essential in any brand¡¯s social strategy. Customers who have acquired brand loyalty will feel nurtured in your business and as a result, your financial goals will be greatly boosted. With tools like Willdesk, brands will remain up to date with keywords mentioned or meaningful customer interaction online.

4. Showcase your brand¡¯s sense of humor

The majority of generation Z are thrilled with brands that they see as fun and cool. No wonder meme-centric and humorous social content is very popular among the young crowd.

You need to keep up to date with new emerging memes to continuously wow your audience. Post memes that are as old as one month are considered outdated and will only do great harm to your dropshipping business. Just let your brand has a unique and commanding voice. Also, make sure that as you interact with your customers your brands should always endeavor to be organic and unpredicted as opposed to a template.

5. Embrace customer feedback and reviews

As stated by the Sprouts Digital Natives Reports, 82% of Gen Z-ers shoppers will purchase from a brand after reading reviews from other customers on social media. It is therefore very imperative to incorporate customer testimonials into your social strategy.

This will enhance your brand¡¯s online reputation, and educate your potential new customers and credibility through social proof. Besides, to encourage positive reviews of your brand, consider reaching out to customers you already know who enjoy your products. Make it as simple as possible for customers to leave feedback and never feel shy about responding to a review be it positive or negative.


One of the trickiest marketing strategies is marketing to young customers (generation Z). It is tricky in the sense that understanding their unique interests and aspirations and eventually making them loyal to your dropshipping brand isn¡¯t a walk in the pack.

However, doing so is not just reserved for the hip brands on social media. If you carefully take your time to learn about generation Z¡¯s preferences and what makes them unique as compared to other generations, your brand will surely stand out to build outstanding relationships that will be of great benefit to every party involved. Dropshipmanhas not only the best display and quality of the products and services that will surely win your generation Z customers.

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