Refund Policy

This version, released on Jan 30, 2023, came into effect immediately. Please check the previous version of the Policy here.

To create a favorable business environment and improve the services of, Dropshipman hereby issues the general return and refund policy.

This Policy is applicable to all Dropshipman users.


General Terms

Dropshipman reserves the right to update the terms when necessary, and the new version will be released on with immediate effect. If you reject the Policy, you are deemed to have waived your right to use the services provided by Dropshipman immediately. All distributors are deemed to accept the terms if they are using the services provided by Dropshipman.

For after-sales issues, distributors should submit a refund/reshipment request within 30 days of the delivery. If the request is submitted beyond this period, Dropshipman reserves the right not to provide any after-sales service.

Once the distributor files the after-sales request, the distributor needs to submit evidence to Dropshipman. If the buyer cannot provide valid evidence within the after-sales period of the order, Dropshipman has the right to reject the return/reshipment request. Whether the evidence is valid or not will be ultimately determined by Dropshipman.


Order Cancellation

Before an order is shipped out, the distributor has the right to apply for the order cancellation by contacting customer support or his/her dedicated personal agent. The cancellation request will be agreed to or rejected within 3 business days:

Before the order is processed by the warehouse, the distributor can get a full refund;

After payment, any order for custom products can't be cancelled;

After payment, any private inventory order can't be cancelled because the products are special and only available for you.


Loss in Transit

If the products are lost in transit, and the distributor shall provide proof from the logistics website or parcel tracking website, such as but not limited to a screenshot that indicates the package was lost, the distributor can request a refund if he/she has fully refunded the customer within 30 days of loss. 


Untimely Delivery

For orders not delivered within 30 days, the distributor can request a full refund with valid proof (the latest update from the logistics website or parcel tracking website).


Damaged/Incorrect Items

Upon receipt, if the distributor finds out that products are damaged or incorrect, the distributor should contact Dropshipman customer service or personal agent and submit a refund/reshipment request within 7 business days of delivery with valid proof (photos or videos of products received that clearly indicate the problem, shipping slip and barcode).

  • If the product is incorrect or destroyed, which is Dropshipman's responsibility, the distributor can get a full refund;
  • If the package is severely damaged, the distributor can get a full refund or request reshipment;
  • If the package is partially damaged (except for slight deformation or minor scratches), the distributor can get a partial refund.

If the proof examined by Dropshipman doesn't indicate the problem clearly, the proof is deemed invalid, and Dropshipman has the right to reject the distributor's refund/reshipment request.


Delivery Disputes

In case the order is marked as delivered, but the end customer claims that he/she hasn't received it, the end customer should contact the last-mile carrier first and report the issue. The distributor can request a refund with valid proof (screenshot of the refund) if he/she has fully refunded the customer within 30 days. 



For orders fulfilled by Dropshipman, we don't require anyone to return anything because, in most cases, the international shipping cost to return a product back to our warehouse in China even exceeds the product cost. Moreover, there are so many uncertainties in long-distance transportation. For example, the package is likely to be lost or damaged.


Force Majeure

Dropshipman takes no responsibility for any product damage or shipping delay caused by any irresistible force or unforeseen event, including but not limited to: epidemic, virus, war, strike, earthquake, flood, storm, hurricane, heavy snow, tsunami, custom inspection, or international situation.


Unacceptable Disputes

Dropshipman shall reject any unreasonable disputes or delivery failures caused by the end customer, including but not limited to:

  • The end customer does not like the product;
  • The product description is not true;
  • The smell of the product is unusual;
  • The end customer ordered the wrong item or SKU;
  • The end customer provided the wrong/insufficient delivery address;
  • The phone number was missing;
  • The end customer refused to receive the package for no reason;
  • The order is to be delivered to remote areas or PO Box addresses.



When encountering holidays and peak seasons, the distributor shall contact customer support, the dedicated personal agent or [email protected] to resolve problems with products or logistics. Dropshipman will try its best to help distributors in these special circumstances in time.