6 Best Shopify Page Builders for Impressive Stores in 2023

It is easy to understand how vital a good landing page is to the success of an e-commerce business. Your website should not only look good and reflect your brand identity, but should also be super fast to load. Remember, the first impression matters when launching a new product or business.Driving traffic to your site will not always be a hard nut to crack.

Although Shopify has a built-in page builder, it is not as powerful as it ought to be. As such, it can’t help you build your website effortlessly from A to Z. The available themes and templates are quite limited, and the default options are restrictive.

This is why aShopify page builderwill become a crucial and practical weapon you can hardly miss to enhance the appearance of your Shopify store.


What is a Shopify Page Builder App?

A Shopify Page builder app offers an upgrade on the stock Shopify page builder option. Besides, it adds additional elements, templates, various business features, and design workflows.

Many Shopify page builder apps offer a drag-and-drop editor, letting you drag and drop various elements on the website and instantly preview them before publishing the store. It is just an all-in-one solution that helps you improve your website’s design, add more features and boost your sales.

Why You Should Use a Shopify Page Builder

  • User-friendly

The majority of Shopify page builders are super easy to use, and they enable you to create a dynamic storefront through drop-and-drag options.

  • Simple to customize

It is possible for you to use their library, images, texts, and other content pieces to improve the attractiveness of your store.

  • Responsive

To accommodate all your customers, a Shopify page builder makes sure that your Shopify store is appealing when displayed on all devices, including PCs, laptops and smartphones.

  • Possible to track data

Sometimes, visitors may come to your website and leave without being noticed. It is crucial that you track every customer journey to convert leads into customers better. In most cases, a Shopify page builder is compatible with Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, etc., to facilitate tracking.

  • Customer support

When an issue arises, you expect to get professional support. 24/7 support is crucial for you to resolve unexpected emergencies.

6 Best Shopify Page Builders

1.PageFly Page Builder


PageFly allows you to create a sales page, a ‘coming soon’ page, a collection and a blog. In addition, this simple solution helps you to choose your preferred type of website and have a fully custom solution published within minutes.

To get started, choose 1 of the 9 essential pages, including product pages, and drop the relevant elements onto a blank canvas, or pick one of the pre-made template pages. Then, look at the mobile version to optimize your store for effective sales from mobile devices!

PageFly is an excellent Shopify page builder app that provides elements such as slideshows, sticky sections, countdown timers, low-in-stock alerts, and much more.

By choosing PageFly, you will have a plethora of sales-friendly design features to help transform your business to great heights.

And what do its reviews say? Customers ceaselessly praise PageFly’s customer support and its platform’s combo of features and ease of use, which is equivalent to a full-fledged content management system.

Key Features:

  • It has flexible pricing plans
  • Has drag-and-drop page builder
  • Has pre-made pages
  • It has full access to a robust library of elements
  • Its themes are entirely compatible with Shopify
  • Live chat support
  • Has a fast loading speed
  • It also offers mobile responsiveness


Free plan available, pay-as-you-go plan ($29/ month) and Enterprise plan ($199/month)

Shopify App Store Rating:4.9 (7,100+ reviews)

2.GemPages Page Builder


This is one of the most powerful Shopify page builders for everyone to build, design, and optimize Shopify store pages without limit and code.

So far, 130,000+ merchants worldwide have chosen GemPages.

This powerful tool allows you to drag and drop elements to build your page from scratch or customize available templates to meet your specific needs.

To dive into its flip side deeper, its extensive library of templates, page elements, and features are the head start of every captivating high-converting store page.

Key Features

  • Seamless drag-and-drop experience, no coding required
  • 60+ templates and 100+ page elements available
  • Offers conversion boosters and marketing toolkits
  • Page scheduling feature for a more efficient workflow
  • It offers integration with over 30 top Shopify apps
  • It also provides dedicated customer support
  • Suitable for small businesses and new Shopify store owners

Pricing:Free plan available; paid plan costs $29/month ~ $199/month

Shopify App Store Rating:4.9 (3100+ reviews)

3. LayoutHub Easy Page Builder


This Shopify page builder app has a stunning look, which makes it feel like a part of your Shopify interface, and it provides a wide range of templates to aid beginners in getting started. Even so, the options for customization in these templates are limited, unlike other Shopify page builder apps mentioned above.

Key Features:

  • Large template library with great designs
  • With template blocks to import to your page
  • Provide customer support via help centre, live chat and email
  • Relatively reasonable-priced PRO plan, with all main features

Pricing:Free plan available, BASIC ($14.99/month), Pro ($29.99/month) and Premium ($59.99/month)

Shopify App Store Rating:4.9 (2500+ reviews)

4.Zeno Landing Page Builder


Have you ever researched what type of page builder app to use? If so, then you must have come across the Zeno app. This highly-rated super app allows you to utilize drag-and-drop elements like built-in add-ons, display, store content, and social platforms.

Furthermore, you can also get complete control of all pages, including but not limited to blogs, cart pages, collection pages, homepage, product pages, sales landing pages, and many more.

Key Features

  • Perfectly designed and high-converting templates
  • Flexible building blocks
  • Offers unlimited page revisions
  • Relatively simple and easy to operate
  • Fully customizable and responsive
  • It provides technical support via live chat

Pricing:Community (free), Starter($19/month) and Professional ($29/month)

Shopify App Store Rating:5 (180+ reviews)

5.Automizely Page Builder


You might be an online store owner in search of an effective and simple way to build your e-commerce business but haven’t been lucky. Here’s one of the best Shopify page builder apps for your store.

Automizely allows you to create and customize amazing landing pages to your content with unique templates and publish them in a snap!

If that’s not enough, this app offers a stunning, user-friendly interface, a simple and outstanding user experience, mobile responsiveness, and fast page load speeds.

This amazing app supports all page types, including about us pages, blog posts, collection pages, contact pages, FAQ pages, homepages, and product pages.

Last but not least, the app also displays an analytics dashboard that enables you to monitor key page metrics like add-to-cart percentages, visitors, and total subscribers.

Key Features:

  • Highly responsive landing pages
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop editor
  • UI/UX optimized templates
  • Offers unlimited page design choices
  • Advanced style settings

Pricing:FREE (Free to install), ESSENTIAL ($35 a month) and PRO ($95 a month), Custom (Contact sales)

6.HyperVisual Shopify Page Builder


This amazing app has skyrocketed to the top mainly because of its ability to make your landing page stand out.

Key Features:

  • It simplifies the modification of your Shopify theme’s header and footer to create a full-screen landing page to minimize distraction for visitors
  • It supports Mailchimp and Klaviyo integration, making it possible for you to add Shopify leads to your existing email list
  • Like other Shopify landing page builders, HyperVisual supports a responsive design for all device users
  • SEO optimization, Google Analytics, and Facebook Pixel integrations available

Pricing:$9.95 ~ 49 per month

Shopify App Store Rating:4.9 (120+ reviews)

Final Thoughts

No complex coding is needed to use Shopify Page Builders to create landing pages that attract customers and boost conversions. A variety of Shopify page builders make it possible for you to create stunning landing pages. You also won’t have the hassle of hiring a developer to create your store’s landing pages. A Shopify page builder app easily does that for you.

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