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how to track tiktok global shipping

As TikTok has become one of the largest video platforms on the Internet, TikTok has introduced several additional features like TikTok Shipping. If you have ever seen the option to buy products from a TikTok video, it is most likely using TikTok Shipping for the same. Thus, whether you want to buy from TikTok or become a TikTok seller, you should know how to use TikTok Global Shipping Tracking to get the best e-commerce experience!

What is TikTok Global Shipping?

Before checking how to get your TikTok Global Shipping track information, you must understand what TikTok Global Shipping is. It happens to be the e-commerce section of the highly popular video app. With the introduction of TikTok Global Shipping, TikTok can now sell its users products. And users also benefit from the same as you can easily buy products you see in a video.

Types of TikTok Global Shipping Methods

If you are a seller on TikTok, then you must be worried about successfully delivering products to the user. In that case, using the right type of TikTok global shipping method is highly important. And while there are various TikTok shipping methods out there, here are the three primary ones:

1. Shipping by TikTok

The primary and the most popular TikTok Global Shipping method happens to be shipping by TikTok. Just as you can get an idea, this type of shipping is handled by TikTok itself, which offers the following benefits:

2. Shipping by Sellers

  • Sellers only need to ship the product, and TikTok handles the rest.
  • As a seller, you get TikTok shipping labels from the TikTok Seller Center.
  • You need to use shipping carriers and service providers recommended by TikTok.
  • Since TikTok Shop shipping tracking is handled by TikTok itself, you get complete integration within the TikTok app.
  • Users can check all details and TikTok Global Shipping track status within the app as well.

If you don’t want to use the official TikTok Shop shipping tracking method, you can take things into your own hands as well. As a seller, you have the option to manage the shipping and tracking on your own for these benefits:

  • Since you are using your own shipping methods, you get to choose your costs, shipping carriers, and all add-on services.
  • The seller has to send the TikTok Global shipping tracking on their own to the user.
  • Shipping tracking status can be updated either manually or using third-party services.

In case you wish to use the Shipping by Seller method for TikTok Global, then you need to be living in one of the following countries:

Indonesia Malaysia Philippines Singapore 
Thailand United Kingdom United States Vietnam

3. FBT: Fulfillment by TikTok

As a last option, you can use FBT or Fulfillment by TikTok as an alternative shipping method for TikTok Shop. This method is similar to Shipping by TikTok but makes it much easier for the seller. FBT is one of the best for new sellers due to these benefits:

  • With FBT, TikTok handles everything for the complete shipping process.
  • TikTok is responsible for picking products from the seller and shipping them to the buyer.
  • Users get TikTok Global shipping tracking number within the TikTok app.

How does TikTok Global Shipping Work?

Now that we have covered the basics of TikTok Global Shipping and the various types of TikTok shipping methods, you must have a good idea of the whole shipping process.

However, if you are a new seller on TikTok Shop, you might be confused about the same. In that case, it is highly important to understand this 5-step TikTok Global Shipping process:

TikTok Shop Order Confirmation

The whole TikTok Global Shipping process starts with the user placing an order and the seller confirming the same. Once an order is placed, the seller receives a notification. The seller then needs to confirm the order with TikTok within 24 hours. If, for some reason, the seller is not able to complete or fulfill the order, they can cancel the same, which will send a notification to the buyer.

tiktok global shipping tracking

Product Packaging

After confirming the order, the seller needs to start the shipping process by packing the product. This involves using a shipping safe packaging that ensures the product does not get damaged. Depending on the product that you are shipping, you can either use a bubble wrap padded bag or a cardboard box with packing materials inside.

Package Labeling

Upon securely packaging your product, you will need to add a shipping label to the same. This shipping label contains all shipping information including your return address, the buyer’s delivery address, the TikTok Global shipping tracking number, and everything else that’s needed for shipping. Depending on the type of TikTok shipping method you are using, you can get the package label from either TikTok itself or any other third party shipping carrier that you are using.

tiktok shop shipping tracking

Package Shipping

Finally, once you have secured the shipping box and added the shipping label, you can go ahead and ship your product to the buyer. And corresponding to the TikTok Global shipping method you are using, this can include shipping it via TikTok, TikTok picking up itself, or requiring you to ship to the carrier you are using.

Post-Delivery Support

Once your product has been shipped and delivered to the buyer, you still need to offer after-sales service to the buyer. This includes supporting any possible shipment issues, handling refunds and returns, taking delivery and product feedback, and other tasks.

What are TikTok Global Shipping Tracking Statuses?

After a TikTok shop product has been shipped, both the seller and the buyer would want to track its shipping status. For the same, TikTok shares various tracking statuses via notification during the shipment process. Since such shipping notifications can be a bit confusing, you should know the meaning of the various TikTok Global shipping tracking statuses that you may receive:

  • Order Placed: An order has been placed and confirmed by the seller.
  • Ready to Ship: The seller has packed your product for shipping.
  • Picked Up: All items in your order have been picked up or sent to the shipping courier.
  • Shipped: The packages have been shipped from the local shipping courier center in the seller’s area.
  • In Transit: This means the product is coming from the seller to your address.
  • Out for Delivery: On this day, the shipping courier will deliver the product to your address.
  • Delivery Completed: As you can guess, the product has been delivered to your address.
  • Delivery can’t be Completed: If any shipping details are incorrect or the shipment is lost, you will get this status and a new product will be shipped.

How to Get a TikTok Global Shipping Tracking Number?

While TikTok automatically sends you the TikTok Global shipping tracking number for your order right after it is shipped, you may accidentally skip the notification. So, if you want to know how to get TikTok’s global shipping tracking number, you will need to use either of these methods:

Shipping Tracking Number for Sellers: If you are a TikTok Shop seller, you must go to your orders dashboard. And if your order is shipped, you will find the order number next to each order. Alternatively, the shipping label will have a tracking number on it as well.

Shipping Tracking Number for Buyers: If you are a TikTok Shop buyer, you must open the My Orders section in the TikTok app. Here, you can immediately open any order and find its shipping tracking number.

Tips on TikTok Shipping Tracking

Those of you who are new TikTok sellers might be worried about not shipping products right on TikTok. In that case, here are some tips that you should consider:

Make sure that the product is packaged properly. In case of any shipping damage, you will end up paying return or even refund charges.

If you are going for Shipping by Seller, go for a reputable shipping carrier to further avoid shipping damage or lost packages.

Always share the proper tracking number and shipping carrier details in the Seller Center for the user.

FAQs about TikTok Global Shipping Track

Q. What shipping does TikTok use?

If you are using Shipping by TikTok or Fulfillment by TikTok shipping methods, then TikTok will use its own shipping carriers. Depending on your location, this can include shipping carriers like UPS, DHL, USPS, FedEx, LaserShip, and a few others.

Q. What are the delivery methods for TikTok Shop?

In case you want to be a TikTok seller, then you can use one of three shipping methods: Shipping by TikTok, Shipping by Seller, and lastly, the newly introduced Fulfillment by TikTok delivery method.


If you are buying products online, tracking the same becomes quite important to ensure on-time and successful delivery. This is also true for TikTok shopping, which is why TikTok allows you to easily check your TikTok Global Shipping Tracking number. You can either use the TikTok app or the TikTok website to easily check your TikTok Shipping tracking details.

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