What You Could Do When Products Are Unavailable

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When a merchant removes a product or this product is permanently removed by AliExpress, the Dropshipman app will mark it as Unavailable. If you see “product unavailable” in the notifications, but still selling on AliExpress, don¡¯t be surprised. but for the modification of the product status of your store, we did not restore it. So this record will stay here.

Override product

This product can be covered and replaced with another supplier.

notifications product unavailabel override products_dropshipman

Bulk edit unavailable products

Through the bulk option, set the inventory of the product to 0, unpublish the product, or delete it directly.

If the inventory of the product to 0, according to your theme,Most of the themes will show “sold out” on your store.

unpublish the product will hide this product in your store.

notifications product unavailable bulk action_dropshipman

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