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What does the statuses means in My Products

Before editing the product, there are two filters worthy of your attention:

filter bar_DropShipMan

Products’ statuses on Shopify

Thetabs on top is whether the products’ status on shopify.

Not imported -These products are in DropShipMan and they can be edited or deleted.

Imported -These products have been imported into your store. We will keep the data when you import them, but these products cannot be edited, they can only be edited in shopify.However, your edits in shopify will not be synchronized to our database. We envisioned to preserve the historical state.

Deleted -You have deleted these products from shopify. They can only be delete.But before deleting, their source products on AliExpress are still linking.

Products’ statuses on AliExpress

The 2nd part “Aliexpress Product Status” is the status of the products on AliExpress.We are one of the partners of AliExpress, and we synchronize product information by accessing the API of AliExpress.Generally, AliExpress products may have one of two states in the api.As can be see: On selling or No Available.

On selling -These products are still sold on AliExpress.

No available– These products are NOT sold onAliExpress.But sometimes it does not mean that the product will be removed permanently. Some businesses will repeatedly list the product to seek greater exposure.If you see “product unavailable” in the notifications, but still on selling, don¡¯t be surprised. During this period, the product may be temporarily offline for several hours.We have made automated operations for such unavailable products according to your configuration of notifications, so we keep the content of notifications.

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