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What is the issues of reinstalling and how to solve

Dear merchants, Welcome back!

Due to Shopify inventory management,it willbe some effects on the products that you have imported before reinstall.DropShipMancannot track the inventory of these products and update the order status related to this product. If you want to add these products to the tracking again, please follow the steps below.

DropShipMan Fulfillment Service / Location

Shopify store, that have DropShipMan installed, automatically have the DropShipMan Fulfillment Service created.After you uninstall, the fulfillment service will be deleted. We will create a new fulfillment service after you reinstall, but there are no products/sku that you have imported before uninstalling in this fulfillment service list.So you need to add those variants / SKU to this list again.

shopify products inventory_dropshipman

Change the Fulfillment Service for products in bulk

Go to Proucts > All products, Choose the product you want to change, then click Edit products.

change the shopify Fulfillment service for products in bulk_dropshipman

Add a fields Fulfillment service to edit this in bulk.Then pleasereplace the fulfillment service with DropShipMan.

bulk editor with fulfillment service by shopify_dropshipman

Shortcuts in the bulk editor with Shopify

Use the following shortcuts to navigate and edit properties in the bulk editor quickly:

  • Move between cells– Click to select a table cell, and then press an arrow key to move to the next editable cell in that direction.
  • Select multiple cells with your mouse– Hold theAltkey on a PC or thecommandkey on a Mac and click different cells to select multiple cells. The cells that you select do not need to be adjacent to one another.
  • Select multiple adjacent cells with your mouse– Click to select a cell, then hold theshiftkey and click another cell in the same column to select that cell and all of the cells between it and the first cell.
  • Select multiple cells with your keyboard– Click to select a cell, and then hold theshiftkey and press the up or down arrow keys multiple times to select multiple cells in a line above or below the current cell.
  • Edit multiple cells– When you have selected multiple table cells, you can edit all of the selected cells at once. This works for typing text and numbers, clicking checkboxes, and using drop-down menus in the selected cells.

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