Aliexpress Dropshipping Center: A good place to choose products

When we mention dropshipping, the first thing that comes to mind is AliExpress and shopify. Who has the most accurate dropshipping data? The answer is AliExpress.

Now Aliexpress has launched the AliExpress Dropshipping Center:

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In the background, click "Find Products to Sell", you can see comprehensive hot selling products, and you can also click best match to sort products by"Orders", "Orders Up", "DS Orders" and "Price".

When we click "DS Orders" with all countries, we can see the Dropshipping products with the most orders. Now the most popular product is a shorts:

Click Analyze,  it can fully display the daily popularity of this product.


Crucially, Dropshipping center have a grading system for dropshipper, more sales more discounts.

Dropshipman, inside our app, there is a button to quickly go to the analysis page of AliExpress.


Start your business now with Aliexpress DropShipping Center & DropShipMan!