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How to wholesale products and warehousing with Dropshipman

Why prepare products in advance?

In this way, if there is an order, we will mark the order as paid and pending shipment by default. You don't need to place an order in the app anymore. If there is an address error or the inventory is 0, we will notify you by email.

In this way, delivery time can be speeded up. Wholesale a large number of products can be printed with your logo!


How to let Dropshipman prepare inventory for you in advance?

Step 1: Sourcing products.

Tell us what products you want to prepare in advance. How to sourcing products.

Step 2: Create a warehouse order.

Step 3: Pay for the order.

The order will be created under Orders> Dropshipman. After payment, it will usually arrive at the warehouse within 5 days.


Step 4: Check the inventory. 

On the Inventory page you can check SKU and their inventory. 

Did we mention that it is free?

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