[2024] What Dropshippers Need to Know for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is approaching, and it will provide an excellent opportunity for dropshippers to offer unique and trending gift options to their customers. It will increase their sales and easily attract more customers to their online stores.

If, like other dropshippers, you want to take advantage of this great opportunity but don’t know what special gift items to buy for your customers’ mothers, worry not. Today, we will discuss the unique gift options that dropshippers should focus on.

mother's day dropshipping

So, what are you waiting for? Read this article, choose the best dropshipping products for Mother’s Day, and prepare your e-commerce store for this big day!  

Opportunity for Dropshippers on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is celebrated in 50 countries around the globe. It has become the third largest holiday in the United States after Easter and Christmas, as up to 84% of Americans celebrate it. Both men and women take part in these celebrations and plan to purchase gifts for their mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, or other motherly figures in their lives.

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What’s more, the data from last year revealed that consumers, on average, spend $274.02 per person and $35.7 billion in total on gifts on this special day. And this expenditure is expected to rise in the future. Therefore, for dropshipping sellers, it is crucial to pick the best Mother’s Day products. In other words, you need to find dropshipping product ideas for Mother’s Day.

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Also, the products you choose should be according to the taste of the buyers and must be suitable for all age groups.

Consumers aged 18 to 24 are more interested (48%) in buying gifts for their mothers or motherly figures in their lives.

The buyers aged 25 to 35 seem more interested (47%) in buying gifts than the consumers aged 35 to 44 (43%). So, gear up your store and reach out to the maximum number of customers this Mother’s Day!

Best Dropshipping Products for Mother’s Day 2024

As a dropshipping seller, the products you choose for Mother’s Day should cover the main occasion and go with the sentiments. If you are looking for dropshipping product ideas Mother’s Day, we are here to assist you.

dropship mother's day products

For your ease, here we have enlisted the five best dropshipping products for Mother’s Day 2024. So, let’s look over each of them one after the other:


Every dropshipper wants to offer unique products to their customers on Mother’s Day. If you are also looking for trendy products, don’t forget about candles. When you glow them, candles not only look pretty but also create a very relaxing environment in your home that lasts for a long time.

Also, the scented candles smell amazing, making them an excellent gift choice for all of your customers and their mothers who love pleasant scents. Many candles also come with a beautiful message, so these candles will not only be used to décor the home but will also give your customers a way to show their love, emotions, and feelings to their mothers.   

Makeup Organizer

It is another fantastic product that you can offer to your customers on this special occasion. If your customers’ mothers travel a lot, they will love to buy these handy bags for their moms. The make organizer is easy to carry, looks unique, and keeps everything in one place.

mother's day dropshipping

Besides that, the bag opens up and sits flat on the counter, which makes things really easier. Also, they have multiple compartments, which allows one to put all the things separately. So, this is a definite item that you should offer at your online store on Mother’s Day!

Little Botanical Plants

What about natural plants? These little plants can add a bundle of greenery and style to the space and look great in every room. Therefore, mothers would love to receive such unique but beautiful gifts.

You can also choose different messages to put on the pots. This will be a great way to show your customers’ true love and sentiments for their mothers, and the buyers can personalize their gifts this way.

mother'day product idea

Coffee Mug Warmer

Mothers love to enjoy a hot cup of coffee or tea while relaxing. Unfortunately, mothers often forget to sip their tea or coffee while reading books or being busy with other tasks.

In this regard, this coffee mug warmer will keep her mug of coffee really hot. She can enjoy her tea or coffee hot without reheating or making a fresh brew. So, add this different but valuable product to your store and offer a trendy product to your customers that their mothers really need!

Customized Photo Frame

With a customized photo frame, your customers can capture the favorite memories of their mothers in a personalized photo frame. This gift choice will be really memorable for the mother, which they will love and cherish till her last breath.

For the customization of photo albums, you can either carve special messages on frames or add your customer’s mother’s name. So, give this customized, unique gift option to your customers!

Product that Should Be Avoided

If you are planning to surprise your mother and want to dropship Mother’s Day products, do not think about the following products:

I. Food Items

The major problem with dropshipping food items is that you are not well aware of their ingredients. Plus, customers know that these items are available on other platforms (Amazon and eBay), so the chances are less that they will buy them from your store.

II. Big Or Heavy Products

Shipping bigger or heavier products is not easy. Plus, products whose shipping costs are higher are less likely to be sold. Most online consumers prefer products that come with free shipping. Above all, the shipping cost of such products will be higher for you than for your customers. Therefore, it is better to avoid them.

III. Fragile Products

dropshipping fragile product

Nobody likes to receive damaged products. Therefore, fragile products like glass, figurines, and porcelain will not be a better choice for dropshipping. If you are sourcing these products outside the country, the chances of damage are higher. So, it is better to avoid them.

Tips for Dropshipping Seller in Mother’s Day

Here are some tips for you which will help you to boost your dropshipping Mother’s Day 2024 business:

  • You should always handle product issues professionally. For that, always apologize and compensate the customer by offering a refund or exchange. It is always a good idea to involve the supplier.
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  • Always source the products from multiple suppliers, as it reduces the risk of stockouts.
  • At this time, you cannot run a business with weak or poor security. Therefore, you should make your dropshipping Shopify store has a complete return policy as well as secure payment methods.

FAQs about Dropshipping for Mother’s Day 2024

What Is The Most Profitable Product To Dropship?

Beauty and personal care products (hair care, skincare, cosmetics, and fragrances) are some of the most profitable products to dropship. The beauty industry is expected to be valued at about $758.4 billion by 2050, and natural skin care products will be higher in demand.

 When Should Dropshippers Start Selling For Mother’s Day?

Shoppers start searching for gifts about three to four weeks before Mother’s Day. Therefore, dropshippers start preparing at least three to four weeks in advance, considering the shipping times. It helps people decide and place their orders in advance.

What Do Mothers Buy The Most Online?

Many products mothers prefer to buy online, including clothes, shoes, jewelry, toys, personal care products, electronics, and more.

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Mother’s Day is celebrated around the globe to honor mothers and motherhood. Presenting gifts to mothers on this special day is a way to bring a smile to their faces. But instead of going out and buying something unique, most people prefer dropshipping the Mother’s Day gift. Therefore, dropshipping was considered to be one of the most profitable businesses at that time.  So, prepare your store, sell any of the suggested products, and make a great profit this time!

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