How to add AliExpress products to DropShipMan by Chrome extension

There are two ways to add Aliexpress products to Dropshipman:


Here is how to add products with Chrome extension.

Add products by chrome extension

This is a convenient way to add products from AliExpress to DropShipMan. Free Chrome Extension helps merchants to filter shipping methods and shipping countries, also including importing all match products in 1-clicks. Install the extension and start using the extension when you browse categories or search for products on AliExpress.


Step 1, Go to your Store > Apps > DropShipMan, Click on the extension in the upper right corner of Chrome. (If it does not exist, it may be in the icon of the puzzle.) Make sure your myshopify domain is in the following location, which means you have to login to the extensions.


Step 2, Goto, and you can start using the extension when you browse categories, store pages, wishlist, or search for products on AliExpress.

* Attention: currently does not support it, some characters aren't working correctly.




Click the button "add to My Products" to add this product to DropShipMan. There is a button with our logo in the lower right corner, which is used to add the loaded products in batches.

DropshipMan can add all match products on this category and search page with one click. Of course, the premise is that you must scroll the page to the bottom, and make sure that AliExpress has loaded all products.


In addition, the product page also has two places to add products.