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This guide is dedicated to using Dropshipman to fulfill orders. If you want to learn how to forward orders to AliExpress and complete payment on AliExpress, please check this article instead.

Here, we’ll focus on two typical situations below:

Situation1£ºLet Dropshipman source products for you

Situation2£ºOrder products directly from Dropshipman


Warm Reminder: If you’ve sourced products for the orders, you can jump to Step 3.


After you receive orders related to products that you’ve imported from AliExpress, to let Dropshipman source products for you, click on Orders > All > To Order > Sourcing to send us an inquiry and wait for DSM quotation. Then, skip the rest of step 1 by going to Step 2 directly.

As for products that you’ve imported by using other apps, if you’ve received any related orders, they will appear underOrders > All > Unknown.

To let Dropshipman handle sourcing, click the “Sourcing” button to send us an inquiry and wait for DSM quotation. Then, go to Step 3.

Step 2

Refreshthe ordersby addingtags tothemonShopify Admin> Orders > find the orders > More actions > Add tags, any tags will work, like Dropshipman. This is for you to quickly identify where you’ve placed the orders.

Step 3

There are two ways to find the orders that you need to pay.

The first way is to go to Dropshipman back-end > Orders > All > To Order, and click “Order product.” Please be aware that if the store name is not “Dropshipman,” by clicking the “Order product” button, you will be directed to AliExpress to pay for the order.

The second way is to go to Orders > Dropshipman, and click the “Payment” button to complete the payment.

Situation 2

As for orders related to products that you’ve imported from Dropshipman Marketplace or you’ve requested Dropshipman to source for you, check them under Orders > Dropshipman.

Just click on the “Payment” button, and a window will pop up.

You can choose either to use the balance in your Dropshipman wallet or PayPal to complete the payment on Dropshipman.

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