Linking product with Dropshipman or process other orders by Dropshipman

We only process orders for products imported by Dropshipman.If you want to place an order for this product on Dropshipman, please follow the steps below.

Step 1Find a supplier

(If you already have an AliExpress product link, please skip this step.)

To find a supplier on AliExpresss, please go to AliExpress dropshipping center( > Find Products to Sell

Click “Search by image” and find similar products by uploading a product image.

For more details about AliExpress Dropshipping Center

Of course, you can also find similar products through the product title on AliExpress.

Step2 Search the productfull nameon My products > Products connection

Fill in the product URLof AliExpress in the linking pop-up window and click “Get product”.After matching the variants one by one, click ¡°Save¡±.

Step 3Updated the order on Shopify.

For example, bulk add tags

Or edit note

Step 4 Place the order.

How to place an order via Dropshipman

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