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Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping Stickers 2024: Top Products and Suppliers

Have you ever wished to start your online business with a small amount of capital but have a high chance of success? So let them consider stickers as your next most strategic campaign strategy. This will help you choose a profitable niche while also providing you with comprehensive information about dropshipping stickers in the year 2024.

Here, we’re going to dive straight into the most popular sticker products, discover top-rated dropshipping sources, and share with you all the tips and tricks to create your successful sticker business. Let’s dig into the fantastic and unexplored universe of dropshipping stickers! Time to unlock possibilities!

Global Stickers Market Growth and Size

The stickers market is dynamic, and it is one of the potential niches for dropshipping:

  • According to market reports, the global sticker market was valued to be at USD 38.02 billion in the year 2020.
  • According to the data collected, the sticker market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 5.4% for the period 2021-2028.
  • Currently, the global sales of the custom sticker are estimated to be at $1 billion. 7 billion.
  • As per the market analysis, the decorative stickers industry will reach US$33,822 million in 2022.
  • The outlook indicates that the decorative sticker business is expected to grow in terms of re-investment at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5.29% from 2022 to 2025, potentially reaching a market volume of up to US$41,162 million by then.

Source: Sticker Industry Statistics by Gitnux

Is It Worth Trying Sticker Dropshipping?

Yes. Sticker dropshipping can be a cool way to jump into the e-commerce world!

dropshipping sticker

Stickers are hot and easy to sell. The market for stickers is growing, especially with the rise of online shopping. People love slapping them on laptops, water bottles, you name it. This means there’s potential for steady sales.

Besides, it can be started with low upfront costs and have high profit margins. Unlike selling home decor dropshipping or clothes dropshipping, stickers are lightweight and occupy minimal storage space. This translates to lower startup costs for you. Plus, with dropshipping, you don’t have to worry about holding inventory upfront. Even though stickers might seem small, you can mark them up for a decent profit. This is because the cost to produce and ship them is relatively low.

22 Sticker Dropshipping Products

Now, let’s check out the top sticker products and make your own choice to start the dropshipping business with stickers.

1. Label Stickers

Label stickers are little assistants that help keep things organized—an extremely vital function, particularly in businesses and schools. These stickers are ideal for dropshipping since they make organizing items easier. Additionally, if we serve people well, they may keep coming back for more stickers as they will occasionally need to replenish their collection.

2. Eco-friendly Stickers

eco-friendly stickers

Because they are composed of environmentally friendly materials, eco-friendly stickers are great. They include a variety of patterns and adorable animal themes. Eco-friendly stickers are therefore popular, regardless of whether your clients wish to customize their water bottles or adorn their computers!

3. Vinyl decals

From a supplier and shipping perspective, vinyl decals take up less space in packages compared to sheets of individual paper stickers. This helps keep international shipping costs lower.

Vinyl decals are different from paper stickers as they are made from polyvinyl chloride, which makes them more durable and has a glossy, higher-quality look and feel. This makes them to be preferred by customers and to be durable when used outside the house and being affected by factors such as rain and sun.

4. Glossy stickers

Glossy stickers have become increasingly popular as a dropshipped product because of their eye-catching shine and high-quality printability.

The glossy coated surface gives the designs and colors a vibrant, polished look that captures people’s attention. This helps the stickers really stand out in online product photos and on social media compared to traditional matte finish stickers.

From a supplier perspective, glossy paper is very printable with sharp reproductions of vector artwork and complex photographs. For dropshippers, their vibrant appearance coupled with the long-lasting prints and surfaces creates a premium product that customers happy and return to make repurchases.

5. Die-cut stickers

Die-cut stickers have proven to be hugely popular choices for dropshipping because of their precise shapes and creativity. Rather than being cut into basic squares or rectangles, die-cut stickers are sliced into fun, intricate designs during the manufacturing process. This allows for shapes like hearts, stars, animals, objects, and more.

6. Emoji stickers

emoji stickers

Emoji stickers are yet another fantastic and really creative commercial concept! Are those little faces and symbols you utilize in your texts familiar to you? Yes, those! They are available in a wide variety of patterns and expressions, such as love, thumbs up, happy smiles, and even little feces emojis. Individuals like affixing them to their water bottles, computers, notebooks, and other items to give them a playful touch. In addition, people of all ages like them, including adults!

7. Pet photo stickers

pet photo stickers

Pet picture stickers are yet another awesome sticker alternative! These stickers are identical to standard stickers but for the adorable cat images. Individuals who like their dogs are inclined to desire stickers of them to place on notebooks, water bottles, or computers. Pet owners also want to show off their furry companions, which is why these stickers are popular among animal enthusiasts.

Furthermore, pet photo stickers might be wonderful presents for animal lovers. Any pet parent would value the personal touch these stickers bring, whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or just because. Pet photo stickers, then, can be a paw-some option if you’re thinking about launching a dropshipping business and want a fun, well-liked, and simple-to-sell product!

8. Glow-in-the-dark stickers

Currently, children like having glow-in-the-dark stickers because they are a very fun and rather unusual item in the field of dropshipping. For children, it is exciting to see their books or any other item decorated with glow-in-the-dark stickers that are undoubtedly far more appealing than regular stickers.

They’re great for children’s bedrooms, turning them into spaces of cosmic dreams as soon as the lights are turned out. This unique feature alone would make them a standout product and would certainly help you carve out a specified portion of the market.

Another plus for dropshippers is that glow ink adds minimal cost while boosting profit margins.

9. Holographic stickers

holographic stickers

Nevertheless, holographic stickers are also a great example of a premium dropshipping product because of their three-dimensional appearance. While flat ones are only stickers that are plain and usually do not contain any foil or metallic ink, holographic ones contain foil or metallic ink that displays a certain pattern of reflection.

While holographic production requires specialized coating methods, the high profit margins cover the incremental costs.

10. Phone case stickers

phone case stickers

Phone case stickers have emerged as a strong-selling product category for dropshippers due to the massive market for customized mobile accessories. With so many people upgrading phones regularly, phone cases see repeat purchases.

As one of the most universal accessory categories, case stickers attract wide audiences and have broad crossover appeal. Their convenience and value proposition thereby produce strong and steady sales conversions for drop ship stores.

11. Meme stickers

Meme stickers tap into the power of shared humor. They’re a way for people to express themselves and connect with others who “get the reference.” This creates a sense of community and belonging, making them highly relatable and desirable.

However, keep in mind that meme trends can be fleeting, so staying on top of current internet humor is key. But if you can capture the lightning in a bottle of a popular meme, your sticker store is sure to be a hit!

12. Custom portrait stickers

costom portrait stickers

Personalized portrait stickers continue to resonate with people due to the inherent need to individualize objects. Everyone would like to have their favorite person or even themselves reproduced in sticker form; they are ideal gifts, birthday souvenirs, or simply a way to personalize laptops or water bottles.

As you will find out, dropshipping takes care of production and shipping, which means you can create custom portraits without printing or stocking them yourself. This allows you to concentrate on marketing and creating a fan base of people who are always in search of the next creative method to make themselves known.

13. Seasonal holiday stickers

Holiday stickers are a variation of this concept, as people are always enthusiastic to decorate during the holiday season. Whether it is Halloween and customers want to put some spooky bat stickers, or Christmas and customers want to put some jolly Santa stickers, or Valentine’s Day and people want to put some cute heart stickers, these stickers enable the customers to express their holiday feelings festively without much cost.

Since dropshipping takes care of the shipping responsibilities, it is possible to sell many different types of seasonal designs without having to worry about being stuck with unused inventory, which is why stickers are very ideal for this business.

14. Sports team logos

Sports team logos have proven to be very successful products for dropshippers due to the intense fandom and loyalty behind major sports brands. Whether professional leagues or college programs, sports inspire die-hard support from legions of local and regional followers. This built-in audience drives enduring demand for related merchandise showcasing their favorite squads.

Additionally, seasonal tournaments and championships spark renewed promotional activity boosting logo sticker sales. For enterprising dropship stores, partnering with quality suppliers guarantees access to official emblems spanning disciplines.

15. Band logos

Band logos have proven hugely popular as a dropshipping product due to dedicated music fans around the world. Whether it’s classic rock, indie, pop, or other genres, people feel deep connections to their favorite artists and groups. This consistent fandom creates a lasting demand to represent bands through merchandising.

Additionally, new album or tour announcements spur short-term merchandising upticks benefitting logo sticker sales. Partnering with quality suppliers ensures access to official emblems from a wide range of musical acts both classic and contemporary.

16. Anime and manga stickers

Anime and manga stickers have proven very popular with dropshippers due to the enormous, dedicated global fanbases for Japanese pop culture properties. Whether it’s characters from long-running series like Pokémon and Dragon Ball or newer shows, anime enthusiasts express their fandom through related merchandise.

With anime consumption growing exponentially worldwide through streaming, this steady audience remains highly engaged with new releases and nostalgia-fueled releases. Character stickers satisfy the desire to represent tastes in a portable format. Logo sticker packs from popular franchises also make ideal impulse purchases.

17. Motivational quote stickers

Motivational and inspirational quote stickers have proven very popular as their messages strongly resonate with people. Whether it’s related to work, life, relationships, or general positivity, empowering sayings touch on themes everyone can benefit from.

For customers, these small reminders provide encouragement during challenging times or motivation to pursue dreams. Their portable nature makes them ideal for display on water bottles, laptops, and mirrors to be seen daily. Since struggles and goals are universal human experiences, the demand for quotes remains consistent.

For dropshippers, suppliers offer unlimited variations on empowering phrases at low production costs.

18. Glitter stickers

glitter stickers

Glitter stickers have proven to be a very popular product for dropshippers due to their shiny, flashy aesthetic. Whether featuring cute animals, floral motifs, or unique designs, the thing that makes glitter stickers stand out is the extra sparkle.

From a supplier perspective, glitter stickers are inexpensive to produce but result in joyful products. Dropshippers can reliably list different themes confident they will catch eyes.

19. Waterproof stickers

Waterproof stickers are long-lasting and appropriate for usage outdoors as well as indoors. Because of their adaptability to various environments, they are perfect for customizing products like outdoor gear, computers, and water bottles.

Nevertheless, walls and tables in “wet” areas like kitchens and toilets can also be covered with waterproof stickers. Because of this product’s adaptability, we can dropship stickers to a wider spectrum of consumers.

20. Vinyl stickers for windows

vinyl stickers windows

Homes may be decorated and kept private with vinyl window stickers. They are a wonderful product to sell in our dropshipping business because of their exposure and adaptability.

It also has a variety of patterns and is frequently offered for sale in rolls as opposed to individual pieces. We can charge more for our items and make more money since they are sold in greater quantities.

21. Vehicle stickers

Car stickers are quite popular because they allow individuals to add unique touches to their motorcycles, automobiles, and other vehicles. Having a wide selection of automobile stickers in our shop allows us to attract customers who enjoy personalizing their wheels. In addition, we can anticipate a constant flow of clients coming back for more because many people frequently change up the décor in their cars.

Therefore, it makes sense to stock a variety of car stickers in your online store. Car enthusiasts who like to customize their vehicles are drawn to it. Additionally, we will have a steady stream of returning customers for these awesome stickers because a lot of individuals like changing up their car decorations on a regular basis.

22. Water bottle labels

Water bottle labels have emerged as a consistent top-seller for dropshippers due to people’s widespread use of reusable water containers. Due to their tight-fitting, moisture-resistant vinyl material, labels adhere smoothly and last through repeated washing cycles. This durability satisfies users seeking longer-lasting style upgrades.

water bottle labels

Suppliers offer unlimited variations at low cost too. Portable water bottles further fuel spontaneous labeling in a pattern with mobile lifestyles. Dropshippers can capitalize on this demand with minimal effort. Year-round relevance and versatility also make water bottle labels reliably profitable with low risk.

Top 8 Dropshipping Stickers Suppliers [2024]

When you’re starting a sticker dropshipping business, finding the right suppliers is crucial. Here are 8 leading dropshipping suppliers that stand out for their quality services and products.


sticker dropshipping

With over 10 Million products, Dropshipman provides verified stickers and other items for the dropshippers. They also have their own labeling and packaging services which can be useful for dropshipping-related businesses.

Here are some of the reasons why DropShipMan might be a good choice for dropshipping stickers in general:

dropshipman sticker
  • Wide variety of products: If you need to find a specific sticker, you will be able to because there are over 10 million available.
  • Custom labeling and packaging: This makes it possible to brand your products and also help in improving the general appearance of your business. 
  • No minimum order quantity (MOQ): This means that there is an opportunity to try out the products and see the different products that others are using before purchasing a large order of the products.
  • One-click batch ordering: This can be a convenient way of dealing with your orders and would require less of your time and energy.


Modalyst is the Internet platform that connects retailers with unique product creators, such as stickers. They offer a wide range of stickers from select artists and companies, with a diverse offering on their site. This largely benefits the eCommerce systems which integrate with Wix and make it easy to add items to the online store.


  1. Wide variety of products: Modalyst has an enviable large variety of products that can be integrated into a company’s store.
  2. Easy integration with Shopify: Modalyst integrates seamlessly with Shopify, a popular e-commerce platform.
  3. Inventory management: Modalyst automates inventory management, eliminating the need to worry about stock levels yourself.
  4. Order fulfillment: Modalyst handles order fulfillment, meaning you don’t have to deal with packaging and shipping products yourself.


  1. Profit margins: Modalyst suppliers may take a cut off the sale, potentially reducing your profit margins compared to sourcing directly from a manufacturer.
  2. Less control over branding: Because Modalyst works as a mediator, you could potentially have rather limited control over such branding factors as, for instance, inserts or packaging for stickers.
  3. Minimum order quantities (MOQs): MOQs are a feature that can be set by some of the Modalyst suppliers that you select.
  4. Limited customization: Supplier options may be restricted to the kinds of stickers that can be used; that is, customization options for the stickers themselves may not be extensive.


Printify is a print-on-demand service and there is no limit to how many stickers one can order, so why not make some personalized ones? They give a mockup generator where clients can check their stickers before advertising them. With Printify, you can connect with the extended network of printing partners and work with reliable and fast fulfillment.


  1. Large product selection: Printify provides a huge catalog of printable goods, which may include different types of stickers, such as vinyl decals, die-cut, glitter, etc.
  2. Customization options: As for the customization options, Printify offers a fair range of settings to adjust your stickers according to your needs.
  3. Easy integration with multiple platforms: Printify also works with different e-commerce stores such as Shopify, Wix, and WooCommerce.
  4. Transparent pricing: From Printify, you can order prints using an upfront pricing model that depends on the product type, the chosen method of printing, and the number of prints that you want to order.
  5. No minimum order quantities (MOQs): Some of the dropshipping suppliers have strict minimum order quantities, but this is not the case with Printify.


  1. Profit margins: Thus, while the sticker price is clear to the customer, the sticker market can be highly competitive.
  2. Slower shipping times: Printify works with a network of print providers worldwide, which means the average time to deliver the product depends on the customer’s location and the chosen print provider.
  3. Limited branding control: As it is with other forms of dropshipping, you are normally limited in regards to the ability to influence branding factors.
  4. Design tool limitations: However, similar to other platforms Printify does provide an opportunity to customize the final product but, the tools for that, as it will be seen, might be not as elaborate as in dedicated graphic design applications.


Printful provides print-on-demand services with an emphasis on quality and client pleasure, much to Printify. They work with a variety of sticker kinds, such as die-cut and kiss-cut varieties. Printful relieves you of the burden by managing fulfillment and shipping as well.


  1. High-quality printing: Printful offers high-quality printing both on the material and on the stickers had been produced using direct-to-garment (DTG) and die cutting respectively.
  2. Wide variety of sticker products: Vinyl decals, die-cut stickers, and kiss-cut stickers are some of the available sticker types offered to customers by Printful.
  3. Easy integration with multiple platforms: Printingful also has a similar working model to Printify where it connects with various e-commerce platforms.
  4. Transparent pricing: There is no hidden fee and the prices are determined by the selected product, the preferred print method, and the quantity that a buyer desires.
  5. No minimum order quantities (MOQs): It’s also important to note that Printful is one of those companies that do not have a minimum order quantity.
  6. Branding customization options: However, when it comes to branding customization options, not all dropshipping suppliers allow it, but Printful does.


  1. Potentially higher costs: While pricing is transparent, Printful’s sticker printing costs might be slightly higher compared to some competitors.
  2. Slower shipping times: Similar to Printify, Printful uses a network of fulfillment centers, and shipping times can vary.


Large online retailer AliExpress has a large assortment of pre-made stickers at affordable costs. If you’re seeking to maintain some product on hand for quicker shipping times, it’s a great place to place bulk orders. Dropshipping is a versatile choice for your business because many sellers on AliExpress are amenable to deals.


  1. Massive product selection: AliExpress provides a wide range of products from numerous suppliers due to connecting several online stores at once.
  2. Low product costs: The fact that most of the AliExpress suppliers are based in China contributes to the sticker price since it is usually low.
  3. No minimum order quantities (MOQs): A remarkable feature of AliExpress suppliers is the fact that most of them do not set any minimum order quantities.
  4. Easy to find suppliers: Looking for stickers on suppliers from AliExpress is not a problem at all.


  1. Slow shipping times: We noticed that stickers are usually shipped from China and it can take weeks or even months for the product to get to your customers.
  2. Quality control concerns: This is true since With such a large market, quality control may be a problem with some of the AliExpress suppliers.
  3. Limited branding control: Sticker branding is insignificant; there is barely any room for you to decide on what packaging or inserts are to be provided alongside the stickers.
  4. Communication challenges: It should also be noted that communication with some of the suppliers who are located at AliExpress may be a bit difficult due to the language barrier and the time differences.


It is preferable for dropshipping stickers in large volumes and can afford to deal with high M.O.Q.s, Alibaba can be a good choice.


  1. High volume, lower costs: Speaking of its audiences, Alibaba targets business people who seek to purchase products in large quantities.
  2. Greater supplier selection: These feature a very large network of manufacturers and suppliers in Alibaba.
  3. Direct communication with manufacturers: While AliExpress presents the marketplace and offers to buy stickers there, Alibaba gives a chance to purchase stickers directly from factories.
  4. Quality control potential: Manufacturers can also be approached with the aim of ensuring that better quality control mechanisms are developed.


  1. Minimum order quantities (MOQs): Most of the Alibaba suppliers have certain quantity orders, which are referred to as the minimum order quantities (MOQs), and are relatively large.
  2. Complexities of importing: Another disadvantage of importing stickers from China is that they may attract customs clearance and other costs.
  3. Longer lead times: There may be longer delivery times in comparison to other shipping services such as Printful or Printify.
  4. Less ideal for small businesses: In general, Alibaba is more favorable for companies that have a higher turnover and are already well-known or recognized in the market.


I would recommend StickerYou for dropshipping stickers if you value of high-quality printing, fast delivery, and have some branding options. Some of its capabilities may be more expensive than those offered by other similar software applications, so one must consider this aspect, as well as the options for integrating this solution with other applications.


  1. High-quality stickers: You should be aware that StickerYou provides high-quality stickers with bright and saturated colors on several types of surface and with different finishes: matte, glossy, or even holographic.
  2. Wide variety of sticker products: When it comes to customized sticker shapes, sizes, and materials, StickerYou provides a wide range of options such as vinyl decals, die-cut stickers, kiss-cut stickers, and temporary tattoos among others.
  3. No minimum order quantities (MOQs): Like Printify and Printful, StickerYou does not have fixed minimum orders and offers customization on the number of stickers.
  4. Fast shipping times: That is why StickerYou provides domestic production within North America and the availability of the same region provides quicker delivery than some Chinese suppliers.
  5. Branding customization: What makes StickerYou unique and somewhat customizable for the brand is the fact that it offers some branding options.


  1. Potentially higher costs: Compared to some dropshipping options like AliExpress, StickerYou’s sticker prices might be slightly higher.
  2. Limited design tool features: While StickerYou allows for customization, their design tool might not be as advanced as dedicated graphic design software.
  3. Limited integration options: Currently, StickerYou integrates directly with its own web store platform.


Etsy is a unique source of free dropshipping stickers that specializes only on antique, handcrafted goods and creative materials. We can probably discover more inventive and creative ideas with this source to draw in a certain clientele.


  1. Unique and handmade focus: Etsy is well known for featuring handmade, vintage, and artisan products.
  2. Large community of sticker sellers: Etsy is home to thousands of sticker sellers which means that customers can easily find various kinds of stickers with different designs, styles, and themes for them.
  3. Established platform with built-in traffic: Etsy is an active website that has received significant popularity in recent years.
  4. Potential for direct sales: However, dropshipping is also viable on Etsy, and you should consider listing your stickers for sale directly as well.


  1. Limited dropshipping functionality: Etsy wasn’t originally designed for dropshipping.
  2. Potential for policy violations: Etsy has strict policies against misleading customers.
  3. Less control over branding: Since you’re relying on other Etsy sellers, you might have limited control over branding elements.
  4. Competition and price sensitivity: The sticker market on Etsy can be quite competitive.

How to Scale Your Stickers Dropshipping Store Business?

So, your sticker dropshipping store is gaining traction! That’s awesome! But how do you take it from “steady sales” to “sticker empire”? Here’s a step-by-step approach to scaling your business:

Step 1: Refine Your Niche and Audience

While stickers are great, what makes yours special?  Are they funny? Cute? Motivational? Do they cater to a specific fandom (anime, sports teams)?  Identifying your niche helps target the right audience and create a stronger brand identity.

Step 2: Optimize Your Sticker Store

Make sure your store pops up in searches! Research relevant keywords and optimize your product listings and website content to rank higher in search engine results. Besides, these days, everyone shops on their phones! Ensure your store has a user-friendly mobile layout that makes browsing and buying stickers a breeze.

Great pictures are worth a thousand sales (or at least a hundred)! Invest in high-quality product photos that showcase your stickers in all their glory.

Step 3: Marketing Mania

  • Social media savvy: Engage on the social media platforms where the traffic is from your target group! Post frequent and interesting updates, host a contest, and even use paid advertising to obtain the attention of new consumers.
  • Email marketing magic: Promote new sticker designs, occasional sales and target specific customers with newsletters containing information on customer loyalty. Do not flood your followers’ news feeds with endless posts but make sure that the content you share will be interesting for them and they won’t find it elsewhere.
  • Influencer outreach:  Engage the right social media influencers in your particular category. They can also expose your stickers to their fans which may translate to an increased demand.

Step 4: Expanding Your Sticker Selection

Listen to your customers! Pay attention to what designs sell well and what feedback you receive. Use this to inform your future sticker offerings.

Step 5: Dropshipping Mastery – Your Secret Weapon

This is where a powerful dropshipping tool like DropShipMan comes in!  With tools like Dropshipman, you can:

  • Simplify order fulfillment: Save your hours for other things – no need to manage inventory on your own anymore! Dropshipman features help to access numerous dependable sources for suppliers and, therefore, concentrate on advertising and sales expansion.
  • Wide variety of stickers: Exact to typography, get the specific stickers you require, whether it be plain vinyl, glitter, or even a more holographic look. Turn to DropShipMan as it provides varied products that will meet your needs regarding your specific area of business and clients’ tastes.
  • Custom branding: Some of the many suppliers you work with, whether directly or through Dropshipman, offer options for labeling and packaging. This allows you the flexibility of adding your brand logo and makes for a proper setting for your sticker business.
  • Time-saving automation: To promote growth dropshipping tools take some of the work off your plate, such as order processing and fulfillment, leaving you more time for thinking about strategies on how to expand your sticker empire.


That’s it for this quick guide on how to dominate the sticker dropshipping industry in 2024! By now, you have documented enough information about the most trending stickers, best dropshipper suppliers, and the approach to take while growing the business to start your sticker business. To do this, one has to be very inventive and use a variety of tools that will help run the dropshipping business successfully and effectively, in order to transform a love for stickers into a good business opportunity. Therefore, let your inside sticker freak out and implement the above-discussed strategies to witness your sticker store grow drastically.


What type of stickers sell best?

Niche designs, funny/cute styles, seasonal themes, and durable materials tend to do well. Research your niche for popular choices!

Do stickers make a lot of money?

It depends! Sticker cost, your price markup, and sales volume all factor in. Focus on quality, pricing, and marketing to maximize profits.

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