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Brief for configuration Dropshipman


  • Action and notify when product status/inventory/price change.
  • Brief of orders and products by email.
  • Notify your customer if the order gets fulfilled or the tracking number gets updated.

Importing rules

  • Set products as published or taxable. 
  • Filter warehouse(ship from) options.

Price rules

  • Rules of price and compared at price. 
  • Apply new rules for existing products, adjust product prices in batches.
  • Assign cents, e.g., if you want the cost of your product to be XX.99


  • Default order shipping methods for country/region. (For set up shipping methods/rates on your store)
  • Override phone number of orders.
  • Custom note to AliExpress. Note that if you have a customer note on order, this note will be sent to AliExpress together. 
  • Save AliExpress order detail in your orders Note > Additional details. It wouldn't be seen by your customer and it could be found in the field "Note Attributes" in the exported CSV file.

Did we mention that it is free?

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